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    Preview Error

    I apologize in advance if this has been answered already and/or there is a better place for this question. We recently updated from FMS11/FMP11 to FMS14/FMP14. All client machines are running Windows 7. Since upgrading to 14, we now have an issue where the preview is cutting off some characters/words and causing strange line wraps. However, the errors are not present in either Browse mode or in the final output (either print or PDF). I have attached a PDF which shows 1) how it looks in Browse, 2) how it looks in Preview with the problems circled, and 3) how looks on the output. All three images are screen shots and the last one is a screen shot of the output PDF. (On a side note: I also noticed that Preview mode is REALLY low resolution: while the screen shot of the Browse mode is not indicative of it actually looks on screen, the Preview screen shot is!)The good news is that it is not preventing the ultimate output and most users haven't even noticed it. However, I have one user who has been reluctant to switch to FileMaker (from just using doing things 'old school') and he is the one complaining about it.I have tried troubleshooting by manually typing test text in (to make sure no hidden characters made their way in via copy/paste) and even deleted a couple of the fields where this was seen and replacing with a new field. I also tried changing fonts. This problem does not appear to be machine dependent, although I have only looked on three machines. Any ideas? Evidence.pdf
  2. I'm not sure if I am missing something obvious or if I'm trying to do something that can't be done. I have two tables: Contacts and Estimates In the Contacts table, there can be multiple contacts with the same company name. The Contacts table use different records for different people to accommodate possible multiple detail differences (email for sure, but also possibly addresses and other details). I have set up the Estimates table so that using a Conditional Value List, the selection of NAMES shows correctly whenever a company is shown, but I also want other fields to populate based on the name selected. For example, when I select Acme Test Company and tab to the Name field, I get the proper list of Goofy, Micky Mouse, and Minnie Mouse (my actual test data). When I select Minnie, HER email, address, etc. should populate, but I always get Mickey's because his record is the first (earliest) record in the Contacts table. I have a Contact ID unique number, but I am not getting this to come over to Estimates (this is probably the key to my problem). I cannot use the person's name as the match in a relationship because the same person make be with two different companies (weird: I know). What am I missing?
  3. Or another way to address this: same page setup but always defaulting to the users default printer.
  4. Running a solution for about 20 users, all on Windows 7 PCs using FMP 11. I need to be able to specify a page setup (some print on 11 x 17 and some must pull from a specific tray to get a color paper) without specifying the printer in the script: I would prefer the printer used be their default printer (note to Mac users: Windows does not have the "Any Printer" selection in the script setup). I can set up everything based on the predominant printer (for all the settings), but the users of the secondary printer have to select their own printer every single time when printing. I am fortunate that the printers are identical (and brand new), in case that helps. Suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the confirmation. Even though I don't like the answer, it's good to get confirmation! I'll try the zero pixel margin trick - thanks for the tip!
  6. I've inherited a couple of databases that need some help. I'm hoping I can find a simple solution for page breaks. Running FMP 11 V3 on Server I have a simple, but long report that is four pages long. It is currently set up fairly simply with a header and footer and body in between. The body is tall enough to accommodate the four pages. The problem that came up today (because of system upgrades) is that the print drivers on different machines are giving different page builds. Because of this, the page breaks are different from machine-to-machine (some W-XP, some W7). I tried just adjusting the vertical position of each page's elements, but there is enough variation in the page breaks that there is no one position that works on all machines. There is no sliding as each of the four pages needs to be fixed in positioning. In my search today, I've been unable to find an insert-able "fixed page break". I could adjust the position of the elements on each page and then put a fixed page break at the bottom, but so far it looks like this tool doesn't exist. The only other solution I can think of is to break each page down into its own layout and script the printout. But I would think there is a more elegant solution. Any ideas?
  7. Awesome - thank you LaRetta. I looked through the Get functions and didn't see this one. Sounds like a relatively easy solution.
  8. I apologize if this has been addressed previously - I was unable to locate. Is there a way to prevent users from entering data when in Find Mode? I have a couple of users who keep getting mad at me (!) when they spent several minutes thinking they have created an extensive record only to discover they have been in Find mode. I know this is User 101 and I know I am not the first person to face this. I think having a check within FM that displays an alert if data is entered into more than three fields in Find mode, but I am not sure how to integrate that. Is there a script step that checks the mode the user is in? If anyone has any input, I can be found over by the wall, banging my head against it.
  9. I too thank you LaRetta - you helped solve a pickle I was having. If I may, I wanted to add another layer to LaRetta's solution. I had some fields that were actually checkboxes and the field names (from a predecessor: it's always fun to blame the last guy) wouldn't be what I wanted to populate. Also, in some cases, I needed more than what could be incorporated into a field name. For example, there is a checkbox field for finishingTrim and if checked, there would be a numeric value entered in the finishingTrimSize field. The function for this one item would look like: If( finishingTrim = "" ; "" ; "Trim to " & finishingTrimSize) This would then populate as Trim to 8-1/2" x 11" I would then put the entire function in (brackets) and substitute it for (as example) for "address1" in LaRetta's formula. However, this then introduced an issue where I was getting multiple commas again. This is fixed by using multiple substitute parameters. From the FMP description (http://www.filemaker.com/11help/html/func_ref3.33.84.html#1031764): Substitute(text; [search1; replace1]; [search2; replace2]; ... [searchN; replaceN]) Make sure to use the square brackets! So, for me, the final code was: Substitute ( List ( (If( finishingTrim = "" ; "" ; "Trim to " & finishingTrimSize)) ; (If formula 2) ; (If formula 3) ; (If formula 1) ) ; [¶ ; ", "]; [", , "; ", " ])
  10. I have several fields that are auto-enter data via a calculation ("pull info from fields B, C, D, etc."). These are set up as auto-enter calculations because it populates the target field not just with the raw data but often additional verbiage as well as many other factors. The purpose is to take the details of a Quote Request to create a Quote Letter that could be sent to a client. They are auto-enter calculations so that the salesperson can alter the verbiage as needed for the Quote Letter - the initial data is populated as a starting point (and often remains as entered) but allows for necessary customization. (I have inherited this database and the original designer did not make the Quote Letter a separate table, though I have been contemplating splitting it out to a separate table.) The calculations are all set to replace existing data so that if anything changes in the referenced fields, the target field is supposed to update. However, I have found that there are instances this isn't happening properly and I could use a way to manually trigger an update. I know that I could copy the formula (sometimes VERY lengthy) and create a button that would replace the contents of the cell based on the same formula, but I am concerned about having the same formula in two places (always concerned that an update will be made in one place, but not the other, though I could put a comment at the beginning to note to change in the "other" place). Is there a way to tell the field to update based on the Auto-Enter Calculation formula?
  11. Database with separate tables for Customer Information and Quote Request Generation. Per desire of coworkers, If they want multiple contacts from the same company, these are separate records in the Customer Information table (I would have preferred to set up differently, but that's what they wanted). I have set it up so that when they enter a Company Name in the appropriate field in the Quote table, it pulls address, phone, etc. from the first matching record in Customer Info and then tab takes them to the Contact Name field which is set up with a "Related Only" lookup of names from that company. However, I have noticed that it takes a couple of minutes for any new names recently entered to be available (even if it is the first person entered because of a new company). Has anyone else experienced that? Example 1: User enters a new company, Acme Inc. with Mickey Mouse as the contact name. Commits record and then clicks the "Create new quote from this client" button which goes to the Quote Request table/layout with this contact ID # (unique ID that is transparent to the user). Company name, address, etc. populates correctly, but the new name is not available in the pop-up menu. Example 2: User adds a new contact (Goofy) for an existing company, Amalgamated Industries that already has Minnie, Daisy, and Donald as contacts. Manually switches to the Quote Request table/layout and starts new Quote Request. User selects Company and then tabs to Contact field where Minnie, Daisy, and Donald are available contacts but Goofy is NOT available. (New company/New contact vs. how they navigate is irrelevant to the issue).
  12. Thanks for the feedback IdealData! Well, I fixed the problem, and it was kind of silly. Before writing my OP, one of the things I did was select all of the elements to make sure that they had the proper settings (sliding up, reduce size of part, etc.). Yet somehow, not all elements "took." I went back and checked/corrected each of the elements one-by-one and that eventually corrected the problem. Only noting it in case someone else is hunting in the future for the same problem.
  13. This has probably already been answered, so I apologize, but I could not find it. I am trying to improve an inherited database. We have a layout that, with all elements that MAY need to be included on the printout extends to more than one page. However, 99% of the time, the entire printout easily fits on a single page (with sliding/reducing size of part). However, I continue to get the second page, including Header and Footer (although for testing purposes, I tried deleting those and it didn't make a difference - still got the second page. I may be SOL (short of developing a sophisticated data evaluation script and a secondary layout), but I thought I would check here before throwing in the towel.
  14. Hmmm... I did not run into this. The fields I was transferring had 15 repetitions available but it only transferred a row of repetitions that had info and regardless of where the info was. For example, the data I was transferring was comprised of six fields of contact info (Prefix, FName, LName, Title, PPhone, email). There were a couple of records where I only had info in the Title field (people who had left for example) and when I made the transfer, it transferred that stand-alone title into the proper place. If I only had five contacts, it only created five records on the re-import. Like I said, once I set the correct "Show Records From" in the Layout Setup, the linked FMP instructions were spot on and very easy.
  15. Oh, good point. After I did the move, I was wondering how I was going to handle company name changes (since that is the driving force). I will change it to use a serial#. Thanks for the tip! I read your post a couple of times and I am curious what you find so difficult about the FMP provided process (I am not trying to start a flame war: I am curious if there is something I missed). Once I found the missing (simple) detail from my initial effort, I found the process quite simple: Create new table Create new destination fields Create new layout with the Portal fields showing with the correct "Show Records" set. Starting with a layout with the repeating fields, export to a FMP file with just the Serial field and the repeating fields. Switch to a layout with the table and Match field Import records, choosing the correct options in the dialog boxes (New Records, Split Repeating Fields). Is there something I am missing? And like I said, not trying to start a fight, I just want to learn something new :-) Kevin
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