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  1. I tried on a smaller file and it "worked", this time this: $result = CropImage( $crop_location ; 0 ; 0 ; 10 ; 10 ) $result is "image.jpg". Why does it show "image.jpg" as a result?
  2. Ah ok... the log says: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space There's more information after that but I'm guessing that may not be relevant right now. Image too large? Increase FM Memory allocation?
  3. I'm at a loss as to why I'm getting "ERROR" when: I have an image (JPG) 3648 x 5472 pixels at this location: $crop_location = /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Applications/Wolf Spring/Wolf Spring Lightroom/Originals/Anderson_Austin_RB6649233682XA-O9330018750AV-crop.JPG The file location is definitely correct. This function: CropImage( $crop_location ; 0 ; 300 ; 3648 ; 5172 ) Should simply crop 300 pixels off the top, right? I get "ERROR" Any ideas?
  4. I just made the menu item based on "Paste" instead of "Paste Text Only"  and now it works  see attached.  So the question is... why can't I have a menu item based on "paste text only"?
  5. Ok, let me clarify a few things: - definitely something in the clipboard... I'm copying text from another field - if I switch to full access menus, I can paste fine - not trying to paste into a container field... just a normal text field - see screen capture attached - same problem on Mac and Win - FM13 Advanced or FM13 Standard no paste.mov
  6. I'm at a complete loss. Â Really simple... custom menu set, custom 'edit' menu - see attached. Â If I insert the Paste command, or Paste without style command into the menu, it's dimmed... can not be used. Â Cut and Copy work fine... can't paste. Â I can't see any reason why this is the case... it's gotta be something simple? Â To test... I put the "Omit Record" command in the menu - that works fine. Â So it's just paste commands.
  7. Well what I implemented with Tom's help has worked. I guess "IN" is another method that will work too, though I haven't tested. Thanks guys!
  8. Ah... thanks... Your suggestion was good for all locations, but what if I just want one selected location, or 2, or all? I ended up doing this: Let ( location_list = Substitute ( dashboard::location_ids ; "¶" ; " OR location_id =" ); ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT SUM(amount) FROM sales_figures WHERE (location_id = " & location_list & ") GROUP BY date_start ORDER BY date_start"; ""; "" ) )
  9. Howdy all, I could ask this in Stack Overflow or similar but it seems FM SQL has certain limitations when creating more complex requests (joins, group by, etc). I have a table of sales figures (location_id, date, amount). Assuming there's only one location, and I want to graph the sales over time... x-axis: ExecuteSQL("SELECT date FROM sales_figures ORDER by date ASC") - I'd get a list of all the dates y-axis: ExecuteSQL("SELECT amount FROM sales_figures ORDER by date ASC") - I'd get a list of all the amounts The problem is multiple locations are in the list and I wan
  10. Yes, I've been playing more and the tab key is definitely something to avoid. It's laughable. I've already started re-coding it all in PHP / HTML5 / REST / etc. Sorry FileMaker... Web Direct just doesn't work. I'll keep the FileMaker solution for in-house servers / stand-alone use in the cases where people want lots of fast customisation and / or to be able to interact with the file system. What I *might* do is sync the data between the MySQL system and the FileMaker system so I can continue to develop both the HTML and FileMaker versions of this CRM separately but keep in sync wit
  11. Thanks for the idea Josh... but there's zero going on with this server... no background anything... just 10.8 and FM Server hosted with MacStadium - Gb connection. No one connecting - just me. Richard... I'm now firmly of the same opinion as you. WD sucks balls.
  12. 7 fields, 1 record. The layout shows two field only
  13. I have my own server... Mac Mini i7, 16GB, SDD. Fresh install of OS X 10.8, FM Server 13 (latest version). I appreciate it's hard to offer any advice but I can't even think of what I'd do to test this. I can try a whole new server but that'll cost a bit... I can try reinstalling everything but it's only been set up 60 days ago. Anyway... I think I've decided to just forget about Web Direct. Maybe I just needed to rant haha! I do appreciate the responses though... I guess I was hoping for someone to know something... some little trick I didn't know about... or a known bug...
  14. Fair enough... any suggestions, as I'm at a loss.
  15. So, based on zero replies from my other two questions in the webdirect forum, the 187 views of this thread and no answer to the simple problem of a webdirect layout with 2 fields not working... I'd say webdirect is completely unusable.
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