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  1. Hi, I want to run a server-side script but don't know how to pass the parameter the script needs to perform. The script need todo the following go to layout, enter in find mode, set field, perform find, set field. This link says that you can pass information about the client’s context to a server-side script by using the script parameter in the Perform Script On Server script step but I have no idea how, I need to learn how. can someone guide me please Thank you https://www.filemaker.com/help/15/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/running-scripts-on-server.html
  2. Find and delete a word in a paragraph

    Hi Lee, How can I use the == signs so the script substitutes the exact value in gSearchString? Thanks
  3. Find and delete a word in a paragraph

    Hi Comment, It is possible to modify the script so that will only removes the exact string in gSearchString ? I have the following numbers in source. Instead of just removing 2 the script also remove 22 when the value in gSearchString is 2 2 3 9 22 55 Thanks in advance
  4. Works great... Thanks...
  5. Hi, Siroos12 exactly
  6. Hi, how can I calculate the agreement end date when not all months have 30 days? In my calculation Months is a number field. Agreement start date + Months/30 Thanks in advance....
  7. Download your certificate as other!!! Great video solved my problem
  8. Hi Claus, I just checked my godaddy certificate and it is indeed compatible with FMS16 "Go Daddy - Standard SSL" I didn’t include a intermediate certificate, try following the steps in this link https://support.filemaker.com/s/answerview?language=en_US&anum=14176 Concatenate the root and intermediate certificates into a single file it was impossible, Go Daddy just provide a Security Certificate and a IIS_intermediates.P7B file
  9. Hello, After installing an SSL certificate in FMS16, Filemaker Pro can not verify the identity of my server "s1.childnology.com:5003". Get(ConnectionState) returning 2 but my FMS name is "s1.childnology.com" same as the SSL. I opened the Inbound and Outbound TCP ports 80, 443, 2399, 5003, 16000 in Windows Server 2016 firewall. If I use FM Web Direct I get a green padlock and no warning message appears I have checked this and the TCP port 5003 is indeed accessible..... at this point I do not know what else to verify or try. Please help
  10. Find and delete a word in a paragraph

    Yes, exactly what I need, thank you very much to both for the help. Please can you recommend some book that teaches how to build scripts? Thanks
  11. Find and delete a word in a paragraph

    Sorry for not explaining correctly, honestly I thought that for FileMaker a return-separated list was the same thing as a paragraph. You're right, I need to find a value in a return separated list and delete it from the list.
  12. Find and delete a word in a paragraph

    Great!!! Yes case-sensitive, and the search must be exact because there are other words that contain "home". Let's say I need to remove HOME000009 from the list but leave the rest. home000005 home000008 HOME000009 Appartment000004 Room0000012
  13. Hi, Using a script I will like to find and remove only the word "Home" in a paragraph. is this possible? Thanks in advance
  14. Hide object based on value in portal row

    I did not explain myself correctly, thank you all for helping me you all do an excellent job for the FM community. Comment your suggestion works perfect for what I am trying to do.
  15. Hide object based on value in portal row

    Sorry for not explaining me better. How can I hide an object if a particular portal row is empty? In my test file I want the arrow to hide if portal row 3 is empty. Thanks Test File.fmp12

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