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  1. Hi, does anyone know how using WebDirect and javascript I can activate the iphone camera and save the photo or video in a container field? Thanks
  2. In fact it must be something in my system since I asked a friend who has FMPA v18.3 and macos 10.13.6 to convert the excel file you useed and the result he had was the same as yours. Thanks......
  3. I convert your file in my system and get a different result than yours, I get this (77.989999999999995) I'm using FMP v19.1.3 under macOS 11.0.1. It could be something in my system 🤷‍♂️ Anyway thank you so much for helping me.
  4. Hello, I don't understand why FileMaker changes the value of a number when converting an Excel file to FileMaker. Please help me understand... Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, I need to be able to prevent edit a field "Email" for users in a privilege "Appusers" if the result of a calculation in a record is true. Privilege = Appusers Fields = Applications::Email, Applications::Signature / Calculation = not IsEmpty (Applications::Signature) I tried to do this in Custom Record Privileges / Field Access / Custom Field Privileges, but there is no way to use a calculation here. Please help me find how or literature that explains how to accomplish this. Thanks
  6. Hi to all, In Server 18, I created a schedule script to run a script every night. I use an account with [Full Access] privileges I verify the script for server compatibility I verify that the script works correctly from FMPA When I run the schedule from the Admin Console I get the last run "Succeeded" but I don't see the results "As if nothing happened" What I can be doing wrong?
  7. Thank you so much for teaching me a better way.
  8. Hi, I have two related tables in my file, I want the portal to display related records wend "g_Color" or "g_Type" fields are empty. I know the relationship parameters in g_Color and g_Type are wrong for my purpose, but I don't know how they should be. Home:ID_Key = Cars:ID_Key Home:g_Type = Cars:Type Home:g_Color = Cars:Color Thanks in advance... Portal_filter.fmp12
  9. I managed to configure a line chart correctly. Thank you very much for your attention
  10. I need to build a chart that shows quantity and value of categories 1 to 5. I should use the scatter chart? Please see the attach image. Thanks
  11. I create a new layout using the envelope setting and adjust the layout to my label. It works.
  12. Hi, I want to print labels with a logo in a container field. The text is fine but the logo does not appear in the label. If I change the container field by logo.png and print the lable both the text and the logo appear correctly. Why the logo in the container field does not appear on the label and without the container field if it appears on the label? I use a Dymo 450 Turbo printer Thanks
  13. Hi, Has anyone successfully used the new Dymo wireless printer to print lables from FileMaker GO? Thanks http://www.dymo.com/en-US/label-makers-and-label-printers/dymo%3Csup%3E®%3C-sup%3E-labelwriter%3Csup%3E®%3C-sup%3E-wireless-label-writer-wireless
  14. Hi John, You need to add the criteria you want to find to your script: Go to Layout ["Client Data" (Client Data)] Enter in find mode Set field Perform find If [ Get (Foundcount) = 0 ] Much success
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