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  1. "EasySync supports both "push-only" and "pull-only" tables. To indicate that a table is to be pushed from the mobile device, but not pulled, use an "ES_PUSH_" prefix for the table occurrence's name. To indicate that a table is to be pulled from the host, but not pushed from the mobile device, use an "ES_PULL_" prefix for the table occurrence's name." Try using all caps in your naming of these tables.
  2. Have been using easySync for a while, but recently I have a problem where Close File ["Hosted_Database"] does exactly that on OS X but leaves the server open on iOS. OS X: FM Pro 14 & 15 iOS: FMGo 14 & 15 Tired adding a Close File ["Hosted_Database"] in line 136 of "Sync With Server" at the beginning of #restore user interface but this just generates an error 301: which is record is already in use. But of course the error only occurs on FMGo. I must have done something simple to cause this but not sure what… any ideas are most welcome.
  3. I wonder if the storage for the images remains at the size of the original image taken by the iPad camera in spite of the replacement of that image by a much smaller thumbnail. From the isolated tests below ( with attached example db ) it looks like some of the storage in FMGo14 is recovered but not all, double what it should be. Also the overhead per container record appears to grow in a non linear manner on both FM OS X and FMGo14. Adding photos directly in FM on OS X appears to recover much of the storage that was not recovered in FMGo14. Unfortunately, only when another photo is
  4. Round Tripping from beta 8 2014 http://www.timdietrich.me/blog/easysync-beta-8-released/ (One possible solution - and perhaps something you'll see in a future version of EasySync - is to add an additional EasySync field that will track the specific device that last updated a record.) Has this been done or are we still round tripping as noted in the link above? I have two versions of client: 1. Data Entry Only 2. View Data Only When they are run on the same iPad and data is entered with Data Entry Only and Sync'd all is well. When View Data Only is used on another iPad the data sync's n
  5. Noticed that a record created by the Field db on iOS sync'd without problem to the Management db on the Mac... uhmmm... memories of a method used to solve the round trip problem. Perhaps that is what I am tripping over.
  6. I have a requirement for three different database access mechanisms. A Collection db for field use which collects and sends data to the server but does sync from the server to the mobile. A Viewer db which syncs all data from the server but cannot change or delete records A Management db which can both read, write and delete records and syncs both ways. Ideally this would be a single db with different login ID, but… I looked at the business rules section of FMSync and it seems to deal only with pull. So based on login, I could use it to block pull of all data for Collection db, or I though p
  7. Just wondering about compatibility of EasySync and EasyDeploy with Filemaker Pro, Go and Server 14 ?
  8. EasySync: Any Way To Sync Found Set? GZync does this is there a way to do this within FM Easy Sync? Perhaps I am missing the obvious. "Folks use this to deliver just one user’s records–usually very specific things like “my customer visits for today” or “my active orders in this territory”.… To control which records are pulled down to your iPads and iPhones: GoZync will look within the results of a find request for records that have changed since the last sync. If you can write a find request, you can sync that found set down to your users." In the application I am working on it would be use
  9. Strangely, changing this one character not only fixes the SQL problem in table Form 3 but also enable the next table to sync also. So the problems illustrated in this example are now resolved. Thank you, amazing the difference that a single character can make.
  10. OK, Table named Form 3 has a field containing a non-conforming SQL Character, sigh changed from "Bank erosion|collapse" to: "Bank erosion collapse" So, Table Form 3 syncs correctly now, at least in this framework.
  11. I have two, of many tables, which simply do not sync with EasySync Each apparently for different reasons. All the other tables sync just fine. I have created a known working scaffold of the EasySync example to test the tables themselves. The problem occurs here also. FMEasySync v1.3 Test see attached Process: Add two tables to easy sync survey example "Form 3" and "Possible Means To Reduce Stream Sedimentation" Setup and instance of each table and relate to EasySync tables Set in mobile settings version to 1.2 to avoid easy deploy issues for now set EasySync Settings push debug to 1 so
  12. Not quite sure what to make of this, everything was working so well. I would not have expected ES_PUSH table sync to delete data from the client during sync. Perhaps my assumptions are wrong in this regard. Should just PUSH data from client to server. "EasySync supports both "push-only" and "pull-only" tables. To indicate that a table is to be pushed from the mobile device, but not pulled, use an "ES_PUSH_" prefix for the table occurrence's name. To indicate that a table is to be pulled from the host, but not pushed from the mobile device, use an "ES_PULL_" prefix for the table occur
  13. Does not hang. Just keeps receiving segments, as if never reaching a termination condition. Happens with the FMSurvey sample database when setup for EasyDeploy.
  14. When I setup the FM_Surveys example files for testing and change the version number in the mobile to test easy deploy... Pulling segment 12204 and counting. Standard segment size • Have put server ref into easy deploy db • Have dragged in easy deploy db into container in mobile solution • Have dragged in mobile solution to container in hosted solution • changed the version number in mobile solution to test deployment I see that EasyDeploy is looking for /<b64> in the current segment as an exit condition. Looks like it is not finding it for some reason. I supposed this migh
  15. If a remote client has data which has not yet been synced to the server but chooses to update using easy deploy, is the data on the original client database lost in this process? Or, is there some check to ensure that Sync is complete before easy deploy updates the client database? It would be interesting to then Reset the updated client database so the times are current although perhaps this should be done before embedding the client update in the easy deploy layout container on the server. I wonder how hard it would be to then sync only the records that where originally in the cli
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