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  1. I asked network administrator to restart SonicWall. PDF's are now displaying. No more GET proxy error 1631.
  2. I am having same problem since administrator replaced FM Server with new MacMini M1 Catalina. (external open storage for pdf's) All Mac and Windows FM Pro clients can see pdf's for about a month, then not. I restarted. Then it worked. Then admin upgraded to BigSur. Broke pdf's again. I got a new SSL cert issued/installed. Worked for a few weeks,...then today, not working (mac and windows clients). Just updated Windows computer to 19.2.2...didn't help at all. Customer is getting very angry. Not sure what to do. I am not a network admin. I got message "optimizing" when I con
  3. Just wanted to share a little quirk. We just upgraded to FM16 and were trying to configure the email plug-in in Preferences (Mac and Windows, Pro and Adv users), and the license code wouldn't "stick". We would paste it in, click on Register, and go back in and it would be gone, although the company name appeared. We found that unchecking and re-checking the checkbox on the plug-in fixed it, it appeared permanently after that.
  4. I needed to re-install FMS16, that solved my issues. Thanks for clearing up about the java. The network admin at the client didn't want Java on the computers, but we have cleared that up with him now.
  5. I have a client having trouble (Sever and FM Pro clients) with 3.0.5 plug in since upgrading to FM16. The plug-in won't stay loaded in FMServer16. For FM Pro clients, the connection is intermittent, and the user doesn't always know if it worked or not (scary for business). I will be adding more error displays where I can. I see this post references Java. The version history shows "No longer requires Java installtion" for v 3.0.1. Is there still a java dependency that I have to worry about?
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