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  1. thanks for the reply! Wow those are pricey alternatives, looks like i have some studying to do or do it the manual way.
  2. Ok another noob question: I have a small data base that i have created and want to be able to go around with my ipad and fill in the data, take pics and then get back to the office and have it synce with my original database, updating it with my most recent data. Is this possible threw itunes? I know I could pull the file back and forth threw itunes but can you sync it automaticly? Is there a better way? Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks for replying. Seems like even the copy and paste really does not work well since im going from a desktop app to a ios ap.... grrrrr wish there was an "apply to all" function thanks again,
  4. Hi, I hope this is the place to post the question and that questions are even allowed. I am a complete novice thus needing some quick questions answered that i can not seem to find in any helps. I have customized one of the "starter solution" layouts better suit my needs. I used one of the asset starter themes. I used the assests:Desktop:asset details to customize. My question is this, Is there a way, now that i have the asset details form how i want it, to apply this to all the other functions. Like for the other desktop sub catagories or the ipad sub catagories of themes. I would like to apply my changes to the starter solution to the Ipad "assets" and ipad "asset details" and all thier options. Basically, do I need to change everything in all the different layouts or can i use the one i modified and have it applied to the other layouts for Ipad and its views? Hope this makes sense and i would appreciate any help you all may have. No need to be harsh on a noob, thanks file is here
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