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  1. Bruce and LaRetta and Rick, I truly am sorry if you feel I am wasting your time or considering it less value. I'm not. I'm just very new to FileMaker and am apparently struggling to understand what is needed from me and how to even get it to you. LaRetta- I do thank you for the attempted help but I apparently just don't know what to give you or how to get it in a format you need. Thank you again for your attempted help.
  2. BruceR - I'm not trying to cause any trouble here. Yes, I'm asking for free help because this is a forum for helping people. I've said that I'm new to FileMaker and struggling. I've tried scripts and it's just not working for me so people here have graciously offered to help figure out what's going wrong. I've previously attached my script if you look back and I've now attached some test clients. To make it easier though, here are my 3 test clients AND the script that is having issues. Test Report w_Parameter.zip Test-1.zip Test-2.zip Test-3.zip
  3. I have a report that is a layout with 3 tabs. Whenever I try and print the report I just get blank pages. 8 blank pages. I have no idea why. Every since my company started using FileMaker we've had issues with printing. I've checked for any weird Sliding things or Hide Objects during printing and I don't see anything. Is there some reason is won't print?
  4. I've listed the scripts already and attached them earlier. These are the test client files not the scripts.
  5. Rick- To be honest I'm not sure. I'm sorry. I just blindly following here. LaRetta- I figured out how to save them I believe. Let me know if this doesn't work well. Do you also need the report or no? Test-1.zip Test-2.zip Test-3.zip
  6. Sorry LaRetta. How do I save the test file? My FileMaker is hosted on the Server so I don't have a "Save As" option and when I print to a pdf, it's blank. I've heard it's because we have tabs that it doesn't print correctly but that's besides the point. How do I attach the test file?
  7. I did like you said, created a couple test files then made the first half of the script, which I already knew worked and then started to add in the second one line by line. Go to Layout [ “Test Report” (Client_Activity) ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [ Client_Activity::Center ; GlobalFields::GlobalCenter ] Set Field [ Client_Activity::Visit Reason ; "Ultrasound" ] Set Field [ Client_Activity::Visit Date ; Client_Activity::GlobalStartDate & "..." & Client_Activity::GlobalEndDate ] Perform Find [ ] Sort Records [ Keep records in sorted order ; Specified Sort Order: Clients::Last
  8. The first file was just my original script then the second file was my original script plus your extra lines. Should my script include even the previous scripts you gave me? Sorry, I'm confused on that. Is there anyway you could show me what it should look like all spelled out? My company doesn't have FM Advanced but I would like to get it.
  9. Ok so I attached both scripts. The "Test Report Find" is my script that does the initial search and the "Test Report w_Parameter" is where I tried to do what you were suggesting. Let me know if this doesn't work or if you need more data from me. Test Report Find.zip Test Report w_Parameter.zip
  10. LaRetta - Sorry, I should have specified better there. I know how to make a file a zip, I'm not sure how to save my script as a file. Our database is on a remote server, plus do to confidentiality I can't send the whole thing over. I'm just unclear on the saving the script step. Rick - Sorry, it was a mistake on my part when I first set up the profile. I checked 12 because that was the FM platform I was running. I changed it. I'm still new to all this but I appreciate everyone's help.
  11. LaRetta - I'm really showing my lack of skills here, how do I save the file to a zip? I know how to attach here obviously but i'm not sure how to save it.
  12. Well I'm not sure I exactly understand how to add a script parameter but that line is there. it looks like this: [ Restore ] Set Variable [$p; Value:Get ( Script Parameter ) Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [ Client_Activity::Ct Number; GetValue ($p ; 1) ] Set Field [ Client_Activity::Case; GetValue ($p ; 2) ] Set Error Capture [ On ] Extend Found Set [ ]
  13. LaRetta - I've been struggling for the past few weeks trying to get this to work and think my novice skills are hindering me. The layout starts out blank then I enter this information and hit Run Report. It then goes to Table - Client_Activity - and does the rest of the script. For some reason when I attached the rest of your script to my current one it doesn't do anything. There are only two tables: Clients and Client_Activity. I think I'm just having trouble understanding what to do next. This is what the script looks like now though. Go to Layout [ “Test Report” (Client_Activit
  14. LaRetta - That kinda of does what I want but when you run that script is has you manually enter the ClientNumber and CaseNumber. What I would like it to do is automatically pull that from the clients already found in the previous steps of the script. Does that make sense? Other wise it works.
  15. I currently have a script that pulls all US based off global dates and global center fields. It then omits certain results based off of the outcome "LTC". Is it possible once the report has pulled it's information to say "Ok now that you have these results, do a search for any other records including their Client number and case number?" Here is my current script in case you need it: Go to Layout [ “Test Report” (Client_Activity) ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [ Client_Activity::Center ; GlobalFields::GlobalCenter ] Set Field [ Client_Activity::Visit Reason ; "Ultrasound" ] Set
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