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  1. chadski021

    Viewing PDF

    Is there a way to view a PDF to container using webdirect without downloading it?
  2. Hi Ryan, Thanks for the respose, Can you give me the process how to do that, Sorry i am bit new using scribe.
  3. Ok thank you for the response, Another on docx we have header, body and footer. My question is there a way to just pull only the text from body?
  4. How about the position of text can that be done? my problem is if there is a text that was aligned to right on docx it becomes realigned to left once i transfer it to normal field using scribe.
  5. As the title says can i pull all the text on word docs to a normal field without formatting it as plain text. Let say the text style is Bold when put it on filemaker field it should stay in bold text
  6. @Jesse Barnum So it only affects High Sierra MAC OSX correct? How about Windows using Filemaker 16?
  7. It installed successfully but its not working. Currently using on MAC OS High Sierra.
  8. The contents should be the same as filemaker field but the information is not formated properly when i substitute it on word docx. See the attach files. im using the ScribeDocSubstite for this. It should be like this.docx sample.docx
  9. How to show the record number in a sub-summary layout? It should start at record 1 per group, the parts of the layout are header, sub summary and body, It should look like this Group A 1 John Doe 2 Jane Doe Group B 1 John Doe 2 Jane Doe
  10. Is there a way to use same record with other user? basically i select the record using checkbox but if another user use the same record, A popup message appear saying you cannot modify this record.
  11. Thanks for the help
  12. Heres my process, I have two field start timestamp and end timestamp, When i enter findmode i search timestamp between these two fields, Is there a way to accomplish this so i have result?
  13. chadski021

    Task Scheduling

    @Lee Smith thanks finally solve my issue.
  14. As the title says is there a way to process this.
  15. chadski021

    Task Scheduling

    Another thing, Using the calculation is there a way to skip the weekends?

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