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  1. thanks @comment it works what a relief. Also What if the difference is 3 to 4 pairs?
  2. Ok, I try my best to explain this. We have a database called shutter. Shutter is installed to window/door and has blades by pairs. ex 20 = 10 pairs. We have scenario that a sliding door has 2 panels. 50% 1 panel can slide and 50% 1 cannot slide. Basically we install the shutter always 50% by 50% if the middle window is open and lock reachable in the middle. But in this case 50% of slide cant be open, So i need to increase at 1 to 2 pairs of blade so its still able to lock it inside. attached is my sample idea
  3. Sorry the 20 = 10 + 10 is wrong it should be 12 + 8. Basically we have to split it 60% / 40% something like that. the difference should be as close as 1 to 2 pairs.
  4. because i cant split them 16 and 16 there both equal. Also if use 17 + 15 i will not work since the number are odd. So i move to 18 by 14.
  5. Is there a way to do this? The difference should be as close as possible. I use even number because the number are by pairs. 2 4 6 8 10 Example 18 = 10 and 8 20 = 10 and 10 22 = 12 and 10 36 = 18 and 14
  6. I will dig deeper into this function. Some suggest i could make this to work like passing through javascript. Thank you
  7. Can this be done like how cogwheels work? I will be using this on filemaker go. I need something like a swipe gesture function.
  8. Hello, Can this function able to be replicated through filemaker? or do we need webviewer to use this function?
  9. Can this device be usable to connect to filemaker? https://www.amazon.com/Worlds-First-Bilateral-Magpie-Tech/dp/B07975RT7L
  10. I need help pulling data on field check;L10; result should be L10 or check;check;L1 result should be L1 .
  11. I'm experiencing an issue regarding on my database. Every hour 1 I see perform find popping even I just scrolling through records. I already check if there's an On timer script but nothing. This issue happens every day.
  12. Yeah i think its a bit complicated. By the way can these be done using dropdown. I mean on the value list i only show the 2nd field which is last name. but my calclucation result should be also the last name. currently the result is showing the 1st name.
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