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  1. the answer looks like this: "email@domain.com" & ¶ & "email2@domain.com" & ¶ strictly speaking, I can't say the last one is needed... but it won't hurt either.
  2. if I understand your question... for Twitter, you're wanting the calculation to return what, in your second link, would be twitter.com/nlcsoutheast this works. Let ( [ original = GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "webwindow" ; "content" ) ; twitterpos = Position ( original; "twitter.com" ; 1; 1); twitterend = Position (original; """ ; twitterpos; 1) ] ; Middle ( original ; twitterpos ; twitterend - twitterpos ) )
  3. well.. the standard way of doing that is the Filemaker Server. It will make the file available over the internet (cloud access) as long as the server is publicly available via IP address. This might require the use of port forwarding in an environment where you have one public address for the entire network. I haven't done it in a long time, but a copy of Filemaker should be able to share with another (including FM Go) in the same way a server does and with just one user... seems like a usable solution to a point. FM Server gives lots of extra capabilities that become handy in an envir
  4. i'd consider using a command-line utility to do the conversion rather than a plug-in. there's some good options here... https://www.google.com/search?q=convert+wav+mp3+command+line&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  5. in the meantime, I'm using an on-timer script to update the dashboard. Which of course, shouldn't be necessary.
  6. aaaaaand we're back. got the Server reinstalled and I have access to it again. The answer to the question about Cache settings... the default 128MB is what I see along with 125 simultaneous files. (i could change that to about 5 if it helps)
  7. I think this just turned into a different question. I setup this server back in February. Wrote the userid and password for the admin console in my book and installed Server 12 and setup the scheduled backups. All is working fine.... you know... except for the lack of 'instant update-ness' mentioned above. I was going to look at the Server configuration so I could answer Steven's question, but I can't login. It doesn't like the Admin name and password I wrote down. so... do I need to re-install the server to establish a new Admin & password?
  8. Thanks Steven, I was thinking the same thing... "this shouldn't be happening". There's definitely something up with this configuration. A big clue here is the ability to make the dashboard work as it should *here*, but not *there*. The calcs are unstored, that was critical to the proper operation of a dashboard generally, and it's working perfectly... you know... except for the odd behavior i've put forward. I'll take a look at the configuration and let you know what I find.
  9. would the network topology work against me if some of the machines are on WiFi and some are Ethernet?
  10. Working on an Electronic Data Interchange solution here... an interesting genre of this business we're in. Having fun with the challenge of it.

    1. billhagara


      you haven't lived till you've turned a Purchase Order into a text document called an 850!

  11. This has been happening for a long time, we usually just put up with it. Closing the file and re-opening it will show all changes, or just wating for a while. If I add a button or a graphic or make any sort of layout change, it can take a long time for users to see it at their desks. Recently, I added a 'dashboard' feature so that invoices are counted up and put in categories of 'today', 'this week', and 'this month'. If I open two windows on my desk with an invoice in one and the dashboard in the other, changes to the invoice in terms of status, date, etc will result in instant change
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