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  1. Laretta, Sorry for my late response.I've been away for some while. Thanks for your reaction. I will look into it.
  2. Hi Lee, The ItemsOverflow is exactly the approach i want to have. But not every sentence end with a hard return. So I was thinking if I can replace the soft returns (that determines if a word goes to the next line) with a hard return, I have control over the number of lines that can be in the field. I know that a field can contain for instance 10 lines. But I do not know how to make a calculation that recognizes soft returns and replaces them with hard ones. This is my key question.
  3. Great. I want to create a brochure with on the left a picture of the product and on the right a description. The text column is a calculation field composed of different fields. (The green texts indicates the different fields.) Reason behind that is I want to be able to 'compose' the content of the text. I can now choose which fields I want to appear in the text column. Because the length of the content of the different fields can vary I sometimes need the extra column ( too show text. I hope this makes any sense to you. PS I appreciate all the effort of everybody.
  4. Printing in columns won't do the trick. I have a picture on the left of the page and next to it are two text columns A and B. All the input is in text column A. My thought is that if I can replace the soft carriage returns in column A with hard ones; I can make text column B a calculation field that will hold all the text after hard return number 10. But I don't know the character number of soft returns and I am not even sure if FM uses a soft return when it breaks the sentence to a next line. (I have a zipped file but I do not see an attach file button; so i just dragged it in,, bu
  5. LaRetta I would like to send you an image of what i mean, but I don't know how to do it, because the site won't accept my png file
  6. This is for presentation uses only. When the information will be printed it has to be able to appear in two columns. Thanks.
  7. I was also thinking ; is there a way to replace soft returns with hard returns? Then I will have a way to control the number of lines I want to show in a field.
  8. Hi Henk, Interesting thought. Is this complicated? Do you know any example file? Thanks for responding.
  9. Thanks for your fast reply. But I don't want to display more text. But it is more that I want to have something like two text columns on a page. If the left one is full the one next to it will be filled with the remainder text. Like you have for instance in PageMaker and other DTP programms. But I understand that this is rather difficult. PS There wil only be one font and size.
  10. I have a text field that holds a text of, let's say,17 lines long. When it has more then 10 lines of text, the surplus of that text has to go to another textfield. So I have textfield A that is 10 lines long (holding 10 lines of text) and a textfield B that is also 10 lines long, but holding 7 lines of text. Regardless of the length of a text line. So I don't have 17 Carriage Returns to identify a line. Just 17 lines of text that could have only 3 Carriage Returns. How can you do this? Appreciate your answer in advance. Wilfred (I have FMpro 12 on Mac)
  11. want to ask question

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