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  1. FileMaker 16 Pro Advanced, connected to FileMaker 16 Server EmailWorks v3.0.8 Yesterday, July 30, 2019, I received an email from G Suite that they are deprecating Less Secure Apps (LSA) in October 2019. Currently, enabling LSA is discussed in the 360Works documentation: ...Gmail also requires that you change the "allow less secure apps" to true in order to connect to it with 3rd party software. This setting can be changed in the Security section in account settings. I went to admin.google.com and found the setting for LSA, turned it off, then enabled 2-factor authentication, created an app specific password, then opened a script that sends an email with PDF attachment, and replaced: EmailConnectSMTP( "smtp.gmail.com:465" ; "email@mydomain.com" ; "oldpassword123" ; "ssl=1" ) with the new app specific password: EmailConnectSMTP( "smtp.gmail.com:465" ; "email@mydomain.com" ; "abls dpqo eeow dpfoa" ; "ssl=1" ) Edit: This DOES work, but it does not work when you disable access to less secure apps for all users (admin.google.com > Security > Advanced Security Settings): If you disable, which is going to happen for everyone in a few months, you get this error message within 360Works Email plugin was: Error Authentication failed, please check authentication info. What do I need to do to get the app specific password to work in FileMaker without using Less Secure Apps?
  2. I completely uninstalled all versions of FileMaker and all references to the plug-in, then I reinstalled Filemaker 16 Advanced, then I installed the plug-in, then checked all references to the license key in my scripts, and it works now. Thanks for your support.
  3. Mbust, Or Ryan, are you able to list the three possible locations where the plug-in could be (I know I found two of them) on a Mac are? Perhaps if I follow your same steps, I can get this to work.
  4. I have two computers with two identical installations of FM Advanced 16 that both have the same 360Works_Email.fmplugin in their respective Extensions folder. My iMac (OS = Sierra) works fine, but on my laptop, which was recently upgraded to High Sierra, I get the following message upon initiating a script that includes emailing two PDFs: Could not connect to SMTP host: smtp.gmail.com, port: 465 This error is as of November 11, 2017 after working for many years. I'm almost positive I sent emails while using High Sierra on the laptop. After researching, I checked my Sign In & Security settings in Gmail and found that Insecure Apps is already enabled. I tried capturing some error with EmailLastError but no dialogue displayed. Further troubleshooting, I went to upgrade the 360Works_Email.fmplugin to the latest version, the laptop (with High Sierrra) stopped showing me any error message at all, but still did not send the email. I got a prompt to install Java after I upgraded to High Sierra, could it be related to that? How do I check to see if that installation completed?
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