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  1. PayGoCC is Easy, Free, and EMV Minnesota-based PayGo and California-based Payment Logistics announce the release of PayGoCC powered by Paygistix®. The FileMaker app provides a secure, future-proof payment processing solution that handles EMV/Chip Card, NFC (Apple Pay), and Magnetic Stripe Credit Card payments. It works standalone and is easy to integrate into FileMaker applications. “The solution provides legacy point of sale systems built on the FileMaker platform a simple and elegant path to accepting the latest in payments including EMV (or chip) cards and NFC payments like Apple Pay,” said Matt Bruno, VP of Sales, Payment Logistics. Providing EMV and NFC payment options are important for both customer security and company growth. Consumers are ever more cognizant of their information’s vulnerability due to continued data breaches making the headlines. PayGoCC powered by Paygistix® helps retailers, restaurants, and an assortment of businesses accept a full range of payment types while being EMV and PCI Compliant. “PayGoCC powered by Paygistix® can run as a stand-alone FileMaker credit card app, or even better, it can easily be integrated to an existing FileMaker solution,” said Christian James, Inc. CEO, Chris Peterson. “Most developers will be able to tie it with their solution in less than an hour. It provides great power with very minimal effort.” You can learn more about PayGoCC and its capabilities by visiting paygo.com/paygocc. PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Founded in 2002, its primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software. Founded in 2003, Payment Logistics started as a full service merchant account provider and evolved into an industry leading payment technology company. Contact Name: Melissa McNallan / Matt Bruno Organization: PayGo / Payment Logistics Phone Number: 866.545.7047 ext. 1 / 888.572.9564 Email: melissa@paygopos.com / mbruno@paymentlogistics.com
  2. Hi. We've been playing around with ScriptMaster and think it's pretty nifty. However, we build a script that looks at a folder and then provides a list of the files within it. But, when we run the script on Mac, 2 things happen. 1. The path used by the function does not start in the drive where the FM file resides. It starts at the root of the hard disk. This makes us have to determine the path before we can list the files. 2. When we do list the files... the name isn't just listed, but also the path... so we get a list of names like this: /Macintosh HD/users/me/OurFile/invoice.csv /Macintosh HD/users/me/OurFile/invoicelines.csv On windows, it'll provide a nice clean list: invoice.csv invoicelines.csv So why is it like this?
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