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  1. Hello Friend Manjit,

    I have go through your valuable solution which have been posted here. If you don't mind can you give me support on my little issue which I can not able to sort out. I have almost completed this project but only could not getting the sum result of total all four status of attendance. For your perusal I am attaching the file here. I hope I will get help from you

    Samarth New Attendance Register.rar

  2. Hi, Data for each Tab can be browse from 1 child table (e.g. Location) with the help of a specific marked field (let say TabNum_xn ) in Location table which hold the number for respective Tab (e.g. for Toe TabNum_xn = 1, for Bank TabNum_xn = 2 etc). Then data for all tab can be access through the same portal by using a relationship which must contain a global field in Parent table (e.g. Macroplot). Then set a trigger (OnPanelSwitch) to update the global field in Macroplot. Each time user navigate to a different tab the global field get updated and the fields in the tab shows respective data. The portal relationship must be as following: Macroplot::__pk_MacroplotId = Location::_fk_MacroplotId Macroplot::g_TabNum = Location::TabNum_xn Script (Triggering from Tab object ): Set Field[ Macroplot::g_TabNum ] = Get ( ScriptParameter )
  3. On 3rd December 2013 at SANTA CLARA, California Filemaker Inc. unveiled the next-generation platform for business productivity: FileMaker 13. The new software makes it even faster and easier than ever for teams to create gorgeous, tailored business solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web that deliver significant productivity gains. This is a superb version of Filemaker till date which includes more than 50 additional features. - New design features make it faster and easier to consistently create great-looking databases. - New features for iOS make it faster to create solutions and easier to enter data on iPad and iPhone. - New development features help you create more useful solutions more efficiently than ever. - New security features ensure your organization's data is more secured. - Faster database operation. - Get support to inserting multimedia like sound, videos into container fields. There are lots of additional features included in different sections which are described below section-wise: DESIGNING FEATURES Advanced Layout Management Layout design enhancements: Redesigned New Layout/Report assistant Create layouts and reports that are optimized for the devices they'll be used on, with predefined screen dimensions, views, and themes for viewing on computer, iPhone, and iPad screens, or for printing in a variety of formats. Undo/Redo Changes: Undo and redo changes to layouts even after you've saved the layout or previewed the layout in Browse mode. - Page Breaks Control: Show or hide page breaks in Layout mode. Theme Enhanced options for managing styles and themes – Apply formatting styles to layout objects, parts, and backgrounds to promote a consistent look throughout your solutions. To manage theme FileMaker 13 provides options to create new theme, import theme from other files and save themes. Advanced Layout Objects In FileMaker 13 there are 2 advanced layout objects added e.g. Popover and Slide Controls. Popover: Create popovers to allow you to work with fields and other objects without having to move to another layout/window. To know more about Popover take a look on following video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4_Om6T8eOw&feature=youtu.be Slide Control: Create multi-panel slide controls to allow you to group objects in separate slide panels. To know more about Slide Control take a look on following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwCq---9oZA&feature=youtu.be Object Styling To add different style to layout objects in FileMaker13 there are many styling features added as below: Control object visibility: Hide or show layout objects by indicating whether an object is hidden or displayed depending on a specific condition or calculation. Field Picker: Using the Field Picker dialog box drag the fields to the layout. Object type selection: Use the drop-down list in the Appearance tab of the Inspector to select and style objects with multiple parts (such as portals or slide controls). Shadows and padding: Apply shadows and padding to objects in the new Advanced Graphic area of the Inspector. Improved object moving and resizing: Duplicating objects with “snap-to”,Resizing multiple objects and Dynamic guides etc. Dynamic Naming to Tab Object: Can give tab name by providing a calculation. BUILD IN FUNCTIONS New Functions: There are lots of new build-in-functions added in FileMaker13 such as following: Base64Decode Base64Encode Get(ConnectionAttributes) GetContainerAttribute Get(CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds) Get(Device) Get(EncryptionState) Get(NetworkType) Get(ScriptAnimationState) Get(TriggerGestureInfo) Get(WindowOrientation) Changed Functions: Few existing functions have been modified in FileMaker13 they are as following- GetLayoutObjectAttribute() ["isFrontTabPanel" attribute changed to isFrontPanel and a new attribute added "isObjectHidden" ] Get( TriggerCurrentTabPanel ) changed to Get( TriggerCurrentPanel ) Get( TriggerTargetTabPanel ) changed to Get(TriggerTargetPanel) SCRIPTING To make better scripting in FileMaker13 there are many enhancement done to the script editor as there is new option for check compatibility to Macintosh and Windows platform. Few script steps enhanced for better usability as follows: - Improvement to 'Show Custom Dialog': You can create a button label based on a calculation. - Execute SQL script step compatibility: Compatible with FileMaker Server, WebDirect and CWP New script steps Few new script steps have been added in FileMaker13 they are: Insert From Device Open Manage Themes Perform Script On Server Refresh Object Set Script Animation Upload To FileMaker Server Script triggers There are few new script triggers added they are: OnGestureTap – Triggers a script to run when a tap gesture is received on a layout in FileMaker Go. OnLayoutSizeChange – Triggers a script to run after a layout or window has changed size as a result of the following: In FileMaker Go: Rotating the iOS device, hiding or showing the status toolbar, or when a window is first opened. OR In FileMaker Pro and FileMaker WebDirect: Changing the size of a layout or window by user interaction, by script step, by hiding or showing the status toolbar or formatting bar via menu command, shortcut, or script step, or when a window is first opened. 1 script trigger has been changed that is: OnTabSwitch is now OnPanelSwitch. DATABASE SHARING/HOSTING There are 2 ways to host the FileMaker database files first through Filemaker Server by upload files to FileMaker Server and another 1 is WebDirect which is a new and prominent feature in FileMaker13. Webdirect By using FileMaker WebDirect technology user can access layouts from FileMaker Pro databases in a web browser. With FileMaker WebDirect, you don’t need to use coding tools such as PHP, HTML5, CSS or JavaScript to create robust solutions for the web. For FileMaker Webdirect files should be hosted by FileMaker Server. This can provides users: - Desktop style interaction: Use themes, styles, charts, menus, and more. Even drag and drop files into container fields. - Live updates: Get instant access to changes in your data or solution no need to refresh your browser. - Automated processes: Enable scripts, calculations and conditional formatting to validate data and streamline work flow. If the IP of the hosted FileMaker server is then the URL to open the WebDirect on browser will be: SECURITY ENHANCEMENT Database Encryption feature has been included in FileMaker13 to Encrypt database files to protect them from unauthorized access while the files are being stored on disk, by requiring all database clients to open encrypted database files with an encryption password. You can encrypt database files by using the Database Encryption feature of FileMaker Pro Advanced. Encryption protects FileMaker database files from unauthorized access while the files are being stored on disk. Temporary files that are created by encrypted files are also encrypted. You create an encryption password for the file, which protects the data if the file is copied or stolen. Users who do not enter the encryption password are not allowed access to the file. Encrypted files can be decrypted as needed. Features not available in Filemaker 13 - Instant Web Publishing (IWP): FileMaker Pro no longer hosts database files via Instant Web Publishing. - Exporting and saving records in Excel .xls format – FileMaker 13 no longer supports exporting or saving records in Excel 95-2004 Workbook (.xls) format. - Support for inserting sound into container fields – Menu commands that support recording sound into container fields have been removed from FileMaker13 Pro. To view the PPT presentation of this topic visit following link: http://www.slideshare.net/MindfireSolutions/addon-features-filemaker-13 With best regards, Manjit
  4. Hi all, In Filemaker 13 the RUNTIME ERRORS are occuring more and more why? Do anybody have any idea to solve it. I have observed theat when I did any chnages to a layout and came to BROWSE mode when the layout not able to load its simply showing "Runtime Error" and when I click on that error dialogbox the application get crashed. When I open that file again its open with out any error but when I navigate to that particular layout where I had faced the Runtime Error the Filemaker again shows the same error and get crashed. Then I take a new file from last backup and then remember what changes I have done on the layout and not to do that again. But I am loosing all my recent modifications . The issue is showing like the screenshot attached. **This issues have been seen whenever there are over lapping of few objects or miss alignments of objects (mostly Popovers, Slide Controls). The crashing of files are mostly seen when its fails to load contains of a Popover or Slide controls. Please any suggestions to handle this. with best regards, Manjit
  5. Hi all, I am facing a strange issue in doing searching/relational link for a DATE type data. I am having 2 global fields (g_StartDate, g_EndDate ) to take input (DATE) and there is a column exist on the table creation date (DateCreated_xd) based on the input date range I am filtering list of records. While I do the search its working as per the requirements but when my client use the same file with same date range it doesn't fiend anything. The issue is not in my programing/scripting but the issue in the DATA. I am from India and I am using a system which is having system settings (LANGUAGE, DATE & TIMING) US English. Where as my client is an Australian guy who uses their system settings. Date in my format is MM/DD/YYYY But Date format of my client is DD/MM/YYYY The field DateCreated_xd is an auto entered field so its set data as MM/DD/YYYY format when I create the records and when my client create records Filemaker set the Date data in format DD/MM/YYYY. So the issue is that the records created by me are not shows while my client use the application and when I use the application I am not able to see records created by him. Can anyone advice me how can I get rid of this issue so that the date format for both will be remain same and the search issue will fixed. a great thanks in advance Manjit
  6. Hi Rupert, To create multi-record relation between Doctor, Patient, Prescriptions etc. you need to use some intermediate (transactional) table to link both the tables so that 1 Doctor can link to multiple patients as well as single patient can link with multiple Doctors. See following example: Doctor Table ---------------- pk_DoctorID DoctorName Patient Table ---------------- pk_PatientID PatientName DoctorPatient table (Transactional table) ----------------------- pk_SerialID fk_DoctorID fk_PatientID Thanks, Manjit
  7. It seems the error coming at record levels. Can you please record the Error code while execute the - "Import Records" script step. From that error code we can refer the FM error list to catch what the problem is. Thanks, Manjit
  8. Hi Steve, If your application is in 12/13 then you can use the following solution for better searching method. 1) http://www.mindfiresolutions.com/FM-Solution-Advance-Searching.htm 2) http://fmforums.com/forum/files/file/55-fm-solution-advance-searching/ Thanks, Manjit
  9. Hi EI Lupo, I have gone through your file its little confuse on your points can you give some more info. 1. What is your base/parent table here ? (Recettes or Progression) 2. Which is the foreign Key in the child table that relating to parent? 3. Give the ladder for your report like: Parent Child_1 Child_1.1 Child_1.2 Child_2 For easy understanding please give the actual table and field name so that we can help you more. with regards, Manjit
  10. Hi  Since from a long time development in Filemaker I am facing a strange issue while importing data from an excel file to my Filemaker application. In the excel (.xls/.xlsx) the data are showing correct (e.g. 1.1524) which is entered by me but when it get imported into Filemaker its showing a different value (e.g. 1.1524000000000001).  This issue was not showing if I do import for same data using CSV file into Filemaker. I have tried a lot by removing all type of formatting from the excel file even I made the column to text still on import the data in Filemaker is showing wrong data. Is there anybody faced the same issue and got any solution please share with me.   Thanks, Manjit
  11. File Name: Filemaker Popover File Submitter: Manjit Behera File Submitted: 11 Feb 2014 File Category: Solutions FM Version: 12 This is a solution become sample file developed in Filemaker13. This provide you basic knowledge to create Popover in Filemaker. There are 2 different ways to show Popovers: 1. Direct Popover open from Popover Button 2. Dynamic Popover which open Popover by script according to the condition. In this solution files you will get the examples for each type Popover and also the settings for create Popovers. Watch the details video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwCq---9oZA&feature=youtu.be Click here to download this file
  12. Version v1.0


    This is a solution become sample file developed in Filemaker13. This provide you basic knowledge to create Popover in Filemaker. There are 2 different ways to show Popovers: 1. Direct Popover open from Popover Button 2. Dynamic Popover which open Popover by script according to the condition. In this solution files you will get the examples for each type Popover and also the settings for create Popovers. Watch the details video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwCq---9oZA&feature=youtu.be


  13. Sorry Deepak, You cannot apply it to a specific Layout. You need to convert the entire file to Kiosk mode then other than Admin user all screens will be visible in Kiosk mode. Thanks, Manjit
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