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  1. Uninstall Filemaker Server Uninstall All Java Versions Delete Filemaker Server Folder in Program Files(or rename it) and/or Move/Keep the databases and what's important somewhere temporary) Reboot Install Filemaker Server VIOLA! Works fine now.
  2. Somehow java updated (probably by mistake) and it killed web direct. Simply down grading java does not work. I've went as far back and un-installing java and then FMS. Then rebooting and performing a clean install of FMS. FMS 16.04 on windows server 2012 R2 My hunch is something is wrong with all the site settings in IIS from uninstall and re-install. I get this error during deployment when trying to use web direct: Test web server ( Error code = 404 What are the complete steps to restore web-direct? Thank you
  3. Maybe I missed the party, or the conversation about this, but it seems like Licensing changed again. I see the pluses, but the minuses..What are the effects? What is the backward comparability? If there are solutions and existing desktop users (using Fm14, 15, 16) can they still connect to server 17 without a user license? how exactly are user licences managed in 17? How are they transferred/assigned between users? Existing FMGo solution with appx 20 users on 10 concurrent connections - If those connections are changed to users, then As a developer, can you connect to different servers to perform updates? Do you need separate user licenses from each server/team to connect to that server? I'm confused. Please describe any other effects.
  4. Hey @Joshua Willing Halpern Thanks. That's correct. I ended up digging through the sync code and found that to be true. The record time stamps are compared to push and pull time stamps. I just changed LAST PUSH and LAST PULL To my current timestamp before deploying. Thanks!
  5. Upgrading from server 15 and looking over the license options. From what I understand about the new teams option: Teams - Its like concurrent connections with the addition of some server-only desktop app. - Are desktop client connections still unlimited? Legacy - Server License, unlimited desktop connections and need to purchase additional concurrent connections for web direct and fmgo - does FMS16 still include ONE concurrent connection with the license?
  6. I think there was some instructions somewhere, but I cannot find them . I have a created local file and server file. Both contain the exact same data. I want to deploy this solution, but I want to avoid a massive first-time sync. How can I avoid a massive first-time sync?
  7. I have a php script that takes two PDF files and merges them into one file. I am using this in conjunction with the insert from URL script step. The way the script works is it takes two PDFs in container fields and base64encode each files. Then, those two base 64 strings are POSTed via insert from URL. I've tested the script forwards and backwards and it does combine the PDF files reliably. The issue is when posting from FileMaker. What typically happens is the first page is combined twice and that's my resultant PDF. My php script checks that both inputs are different and throws an error is they are identical. I don't get any errors there. Is there a way to POST a file from insert from URL?
  8. I have 4 clients who haven't synced. I would need all 4 local databases and then merge them into one. I guess before I experiment, has anyone got any suggestions?
  9. Hey Wim, This is FMEasySync; records are synchronized between a client and hosted database. This is a solution that has been working for over a year with multiple clients. The server database is corrupted and I think my root cause is related to something outside of the solution itself. A HD on the server had health after doing some testing, so I moved all data to a newer drive. I still need a solution for rebuilding the server database from the clients' data.
  10. Somehow my current and last 7 backups are corrupted and unable to be recovered via FM. Ugh. What's the best way to rebuild the server database from the clients' data such that it's minimal impact to clients? Anyone have step-by-step instructions to reseed the database client data and make sure everything gets synced properly?
  11. @Joshua Willing Halpern A+! I just implemented the new code. Significantly faster! Thank you for your awesome work!
  12. @Joshua Willing Halpern Thanks! I will give this a go! The previous jacascript solution is still working well for me and have not had any issues. That said, I'm always up for some performance boosts. I may have some questions when I try to implement this revision.
  13. Hey Wim, That looks neat!...I could use that, but I'm mostly on Windows. Also, it's not freeware, so that might be an issue for the collaborators. Maybe we can find something useful in the Base Elements plugin?
  14. I've just been thinking about how we can better collaborate on making changes and updates to FMEasySync. Dan Smith's forked copy seems like the starting place: https://github.com/dansmith65/FileMaker-EasySync This is great, but filemaker doesn't lend itself well to code-sharing/github. Someone would have to make the change and adjust the entire file versus updating a script and using a pull request to merge the new script. One thought I had was to break out all of the separate scripts in the mobile and hosted file on git hub into text. That way we can see and talk about the changes and look directly at the scripts. together. This become more transparent this way. The issue with this is merging/updating the scripts in the FMP files. Does anyone have a good method for doing this? Can we copy and paste directly? Or some kind of plugin that would make this easier? Maybe we can even automate it? Another thought was someone graciously keeping a copy up on their filemaker server that would serve as a live/most current version that we could update and copy and paste scripts in and out of. I could see a lot of issues here, but a thought. Anyway, let's discuss.
  15. I wanted to followup on this. I did resolve the issue. I uncovered a bug in TCPDI API that was causing the issue. Now, filemaker can successfully POST single base encoded PDFs and then the server will spit back a merged and encoded PDF. Filemaker then re-encodes it and puts it into a container field as the new combined PDF. It's simple, fast, and solved my problem! If anyone is interested, please PM.
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