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  1. Will 360Deploy handle a Filemaker solutions that has more than 500 base tables (File size: 3.63Gb without graphic) ? I have no problem of deploying the original demo file. Since the documentation 360Deploy Roadmap indicates that "You can also try 360Deploy out with your own solution, just be sure to rename your database file '360Deploy demo solution.", I tried, but failed. Filemaker Pro Advance 16 always hanged at Step 8: Copy Script steps into '360Deploy Import Worker". See attached. Any idea?
  2. Thank you very much for your inputs. We have successfully build an Access Control System with the following features: Access control hardware are installed in different locations for different departments. Access control hardware are updated regularly the official working hours and access rights of each employee. Filemaker can access and control the hardware over our internal network. Our solution: We bought a 2 in 1 (finger print recognition and smart card reading) Access Control Hardware from www.jd.com, a Chinese online retailer at around US$100. (ZKT U100)
  3. We are using Filemaker Pro 14 to develop a Staff Management and Control Access System. Each employee will be issued a RFID card as identity card. We need to integrate RFID encoder and RFID reader with our Filemaker database. May anyone point me to the right direction how this can be done? Are there proven RFID hardware and software that will work with Filemaker Pro from encoding/writing to decoding/reading?
  4. Is there any way for Filemaker Pro 14 to load and use commands/functions in a .DLL file? In my old system using PowerBuilder/Oracle, we can load a .DLL file to PowerBuilder with “OLE Control” and call the functions inside .DLL to work with PowerScript. Can I do the same thing with Filemaker? Is there any plug-in that will do the job?
  5. Other than the scenario as described by tmr_slh, could it also be due to the incorrect clocks of the mobile devices A and B? If the clocks of device A and device B are 5 minutes ahead and 5 minutes behind the clock of the server respectively, would they affect what records are to be pulled or pushed?
  6. Hi Tim, Thank you for your feedback. I am afraid UTC Timestamp does not fully solve the problem. I tested the Get ( CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds ) of Filemaker. If I change the system clock, the value return by Get ( CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds ) will change accordingly. The Help of Filemaker does not mention that Get ( CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds ) needs an internet connection for an external reference of the precise UTC Time. What I worry is when a mobile device is used offline, the modified time will be set according to the system clock. Another scenario: what happen when 2 databases ar
  7. If a user of a mobile device set the clock of his device wrongly, say year 2015 becomes 2014, and do a sync with EasySync, would it mess up data in the FMS13 server? If so, what would be the best strategy to avoid such incidence. In general, how can we synchronize the clock of the server and the mobile devices BEFORE a sync action is done by EasySync?
  8. Problem solved. Just uncheck the "Delineate fields on current record only" in the Layout Setup. If you select Delineate fields on current record only, borders and fill will show on the current record in List View, but not when you print, print to PDF, or preview the records being browsed. Borders and fill do print for all records in a field if the option is deselected.
  9. I set up a repeating field in my layout with borders and vertical lines to separate each cell. They look fine in browse mode. However, all borders and vertical lines disappear when I switch to preview mode. Is it a bug, or is there anyway to show the border and vertical lines of a repeating field in preview mode? I use FMP 13 Adv. with the same behaviour in OSX Maverick and Windows 7.
  10. Is it possible to show the popover panel just by hovering the mouse over the popover button (or the button with go to object script) without clicking?
  11. Sometimes we miss the obvious. I did created before a number of one-row portals that laid horizontally to simulate the horizontal repeating field. I tried hard to use different formula to filter the portal to display only the row I want. Only after reading your message did I suddenly realise that I can solve the problem simply by specifying the initial row to be displayed under Format of Portal. Thank you.
  12. I am working on a system for garment industry. There are many grids of data (eg. color/size, style/country combinations) with finite rows and columns. Using repeating field simplifies input process and presentation. My idea is to allow user to enter data intuitively and efficiently. The major problem is that there is no horizontal portal. There is only a vertical scroll bar and fields of each child record has to be listed vertically, not horizontally. What puzzled me was the same calculation works with a field definition in Manage Database but not by a script step, and it seems there i
  13. I have a value list $$List with 5 values and I want to assign those values to a repeating field with 5 repetitions. If I define a calculation field with 5 repetitions, I can set the values of $$List to the field successfully with: GetValue($$List; Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber )) However, if I define a text field with 5 repetitions and use Set Field to assign the values, the same formula does not work. I have put Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) under Repetition of the field to be set. However, the value of Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) always remain as 1. How can I
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