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  1. I suggest reinstalling FMP. FMP uses IE Webkit.
  2. The & does not mean and in FM. You have to use the actual word "and" The & symbol is used to combined text. For example a calculation with "FirstName" & "LastName" with return "FirstName LastName" Your calculation should be if (Gender = "Male" and Class="Primary";"Running";"Expired")
  3. Crashes are usually signs of file corruption. Run "Recovery" on the file, if FM detects issue then it is recommend to use a backup and import your data into the backup file. Corrupt objects on a layout are not always detected by "Recover". Rebuild layout without copying anything from the old layout to the new layout. You could copy the corrupt object.
  4. Take a look a sql explorer from seedcode http://www.seedcode.com/filemaker-sql-explorer/
  5. Your purchase on FMP includes the Windows and Mac Version. If you don't have your email with the download link you will have to contact tech support to have them to email it to you again.
  6. Make a design change. Limit your portal to 1 or 2 fields and a popover button for the other fields. You need to design your layouts for the device it is going to be running on.
  7. No. FMGo is only for ios devices. You can access webdirect from a web browser.
  8. You do not need script triggers or script to count records. You need script trigger to commit record and refresh the screen and you also need 4 Summary Fields. Example.fmp12
  9. You need to setup port forwarding on your router. Port 5003 needs to be forwarded to your server. Then go to a website such as https://whatismyipaddress.com/ You will use your public ip address to access your sever.
  10. FileMaker Pro features not supported in FileMaker Go creating and modifying database schema such as tables, fields, relationships, data sources, and privileges creating and modifying database structure such as layouts, scripts, value lists, and custom menus importing data from any formats other than .fmp12 exporting to .fmp12, XML, or Excel .xls format text baselines external functions plug-ins hosting files https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/docs/15/en/fmgdev/
  11. Non-needed calculations can slow down your layouts. You don't need the case statement and as I stated in my above post if you deselect the "Do not replace existing value" then the calculation may be recalculated and can slow the layout. Select data in the auto-enter calculation and set the value to 0. I added a sample file to show how to you the checkin checkbox with only at 0 in the auto-enter calculation. My answer was based on your first post, and yes calculations can slow your layout. Scripts, Script Triggers, Portals plus other items can slow your layouts. Ne
  12. Anyone can experience slowness based on a number of items. Your calculation for CheckIn is not needed. Auto-Enter calculations only calculate on a brand new record, unless you deselect the "do not replace existing value" . Deselecting this option can cause a delay. I would setup the above field with no auto-enter, the default will be blank or 0. (I recommend using type number) Place the field on the layout as a check box with one value of 1, so If it is checked it is 1. If is not checked then it becomes 0. To verify placed the field on the layout a second time as a text box,, so
  13. LaRetta I copied the file over this morning. I clicked edit, then I attached the file. I will add it to this post. mp3ContainerSample.fmp12 I went back to the above post to try again. There is a plus icon to add upload to post, that I missed this morning.
  14. Port 5003 will also have to be open on any firewalls. I assume you are using http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13806/~/opening-or-accessing-a-solution-using-filemaker-webdirect If this is your public static-ip address make sure you enable security on all your databases since you posted on a public forum.
  15. The AV Script steps are for FMGo only. Here is a sample that works for me. There is a button to insert an mp3 from path that the user supplies or just right click and insert audio file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjvunnvztkg15km/mp3ContainerSample.fmp12?dl=0 mp3ContainerSample.fmp12
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