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  1. I added on "contextmenu: false," line to infobox options and it is working perfectly now. Tx for the help
  2. I added this to body element but i can still view source code. There is no change. Tx for the idea though. Keep them coming Correction: I can only right click in infoboxes. Is there any way to stop that? There is a fierce competition here and if i dont protect what i do, it will be stolen.
  3. Is there a way to disable right click on webviewer but not disabling interaction to webviewer content? By the way onObjectKeystroke not working with webviewer so i need another way or a plugin. I am doing this to prevent users from viewing html source code.
  4. I am on a tight spot so any quick idea and/or help is really appreciated.
  5. is there a way to get webviewer as picture in a container file then print it?
  6. Tx for reply. Webviewer doesnt render in preview mode. How to make add pauses on list view?
  7. Hi. i want to print a report from filemaker that has 50 webviewer objects. When i say it to print or go to preview mode they are shown as grey. To make them load their urls i have to goto form view and scrool through them. When current windows view contains webviewer in question it loads and then it can be seen on preview. Is that possible via scripting? How can i make webviewers load on preview? By the way i have tried set webviewer reset, reload and looping through records. they are not working.
  8. "Also resize enclosing part" option did the trick. Tx anyways :laugh:
  9. Hi. I would like to create a report that contains records from first table and related records from second table below them. I have tried so much i dont think it is possible. The tricky part is that in some records there are nine related records and in some records there are none. if i make room for nine related record than most of the document looks empty. Any idea or help is appreciated.
  10. By the way using list function as a variable dropped script running time from 10 min to two seconds. Thanks for your ideas. They really helped.
  11. Found the problem. global field is a calculation field and script doesnt select this field. This means infinite loop. Is there a better way to loop through spesific fields?
  12. Hi people. My script working slowly and any idea to speed things up appreciated. I import records about 60000 long to a field. And i have 60 more global fields with named as values from imported field i wrote a looping script which gets the name of active field, match it from imported field and counts the number of matching values in the imported field. Does that for 60 times and it get really slow. It is a commomly used script and i need a more practical way. Here is code: Go to Layout [“dış veri” (Dış veriler)] Set Error Capture [On] Allow User Abort[Off] Delete All Records [No di
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