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  1. 1) To create an iOS friendly layout for FMGo, the best practice is to minimize the amount of horizontal and vertical scrolling required to interact on your layout. To achieve the same, we should make a single layout for iPhone having size 320W X 255H and for iPad having size 768W X 673H (instead of making two layouts one for landscape and one for portrait) along with proper anchor locks which will stretch it properly to fit for both the landscape and portrait mode view. 2) We also need to take care of the proper anchor locks for the objects(fields,graphic, webviewer etc) placed on the layout
  2. Success is just a matter of time.

  3. One of our client wanted us to build a solution for them to process credit cards from a FileMaker application with authorize.net and merchant account gateway. All we wanted to do is to capture the Credit Card data and send it to the iPad filemaker app and then send it to the web-service of the payment gateway. Filemaker API and Payment Gateway: Initially we made the integration using a hosted Filemaker file and PHP server; the processing worked well. Below are steps explaining the same, 1. In filemaker, the web-viewer will contain the payment form from web server. The web
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