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  1. Hi everybody,  i'm going to calculate a percentage with ExecuteSQL, but i believe my syntax is wrong.  i've 2 multiple field which show type and sale (total for type) as list, as in the picture.  Now i'd like to calculate a percentage on the total for each type.  Table are 2, Customer where i've all customer information as name, address etc, and Type and Invoice...  for the multiple field called "Ricavi" (SALES in English) i used this:  ExecuteSQL(" SELECT SUM(A2.TOTAL) TOTAL FROM CUSTOMERS A1 LEFT OUTER JOIN INVOICE A2 ON A1.ID_CUSTOMER=A2.ID_CUSTOMER GROUP BY A1.
  2. Your eleventh row is wrong, you forgot ::Mark; "X"] bye
  3. tables, there are 4 Where PN register Bills active, passive and payments Details payments (payment method, direct remittance, bank transfer 30 days from invoice date) and the data to create the deadlines (bank 30 days I will have a field "30" that high on the invoice date) Master (to match the mode of payment to any customer or supplier) and Deadlines I would like to insert a bill, and depending on the payment methods, create their respective deadlines. each due date a record, bank transfer 30/60 I will create 2 records in deadlines, first 30 days higher than invoice date, the secon 6
  4. i'm sorry if i open this thread again, i have try that applescript, and it works, but my question is this, how can i modify it to save on an existing calendar? on my mac calendar, i have 2 gmail calendar, "work" and "personal" i'd like to create the new event in Gmail-->"work" calendar. thanx
  5. Thank you for your answer, can you help me with an example? So it's difficult 4 me understand what u're saying. Thanks again.
  6. Any customers of mine (restaurant or hotels) use ever the same product, so i'd like to populate invoice portal with only that customer product. I create a Customer price list, where i save product and prices of each customer. Example: Customer: John's Product: white napkin 0,30 €, blue tablecoath 2,00€ Customer: Hotel Milano Products: white sheet 1,00 €, white pillowcase 0,50 €, white towel 1,00€ Naturally any product is a record I also created a related Value list for product i already have the script, the problem is that in every portal column i see the whole product
  7. thank you, i'll follow your way, i don't believe it's so important create that situation. I'll create only if some customer ask me a specific situation. Thanx a lot
  8. Thanx for your answer, but i already have that situation in another TO, called "Customer Situation", there is a portal wich show me the "history" (invoices and payments) and the balance. What i'd like to do is to auto-set a field that show me if that invoice is paid or not, and the difference. Ex.: invoice_nr: 578 invoice_import: 2.000,00 $ payment: 1.500,00 invoice_balance: 500 invoice_situation: not paid than when i'll reg another payment for 500,00, invoice_situation: Paid
  9. thank you for your answer, i forgot to write some important things. I don't make invoice from this DB, i import from another, as list ("invoice DB" -->excel-->Fm), "invoice DB" is specific for my business and i bought it. I use only one "TO" for registration. Is a problem if i ask you an example about as i can understand better what you mean Thank you
  10. OOOOOOPPPPPPPS i was OT...SORRY....can someone put this in "Scripting" Section? thanx
  11. Hi i'm new in this forum, i'm italian and i'm sorry for my english. The question is this, i've a TO, where i save payments and invoices even for customers and suppliers. When i save a new invoice, i enter datas in this field: - Customer_supplier_name -customer or supplier (auto) -invoice number -invoice date -invoice amount When i save payment, i ente: - Customer_supplier_name -customer or supplier (auto) -payment amounts Now i'd like to create a script that take "payment amount" and set the first invoice wich is not "closed" an example occurred: #save invoices cu
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