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  1. FileMaker is still very strong and there are thousands of us who do make a living from developing on it as a platform - many of us have made a living with FileMaker for 20+ years There is a significant increase in attendance at FM DevCon with an equally significant increase in young persons becoming involved - it is worthy of note that a large number of FM developers are approaching retirement, opening the doors for others to fill the gap all the best
  2. Hi Ward Check out the samples on the CNS website, you'll find a basic file that has an FTP table. Copy the table and paste it into your solution. Every record is a possible account, so it's up to you to decide whether you want a different account for each User or 1 single account for all Users. There is also a page on creating a single Account process which does not require the use of a table. The account details could effectively be stored in a variable, at the start of the FTP script process. Unfortunately, the CNS documentation is scattered and assumes you have read every page
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