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  1. Not sure if this would help in any way, but there's a lot to explore. If you are on a server you can do what you want I believe. https://www.sosimplesoftware.com/products/try-sosimple-calendar-for-filemaker/try-sosimple-calendar-server-side-async/
  2. Add the zone to the relationship as a second id if I understand this correctly.
  3. eX-BizTracker Question. A few years ago I spent what seemed like about 5,000 on eX-BizTracker consulting that never went anywhere. Supposedly I was buying the program because of some weird way you were selling it. But I never used it. So now I'm wondering, did this qualify me as owning a license, or the software, or whatever? I guess I'd like to see the new version if I owned it but i don't feel like spending more money obviously. Just wondering. Thanks.
  4. To All, [ I first posted this on "my FM group" which got exactly zero attention or comments, which was upsetting to me. I'm posting it here. Maybe it will get some attention. ] Nobody loves FM more than me.. That would be impossible. My introduction to FM predates FM with File Books Pro. I’ve upgraded every crappy version since. Filemaker is my best friend, my best relationship, my only true love, and other schmaltzy stuff like that. But that’s just me. I also know, acknowledge, and celebrate that many people love FM just as much as I do, which is infinitely. They too have infinite love for FM and I respect and admire these people many of whom hang out in this forum. After all, this is ******** Baby! I could name names but we and they already know who they are. For some reason, I seem to check out ******** on Friday’s after the week is over and everyone has gone home. Usually because of some strange FM Behavior I can’t understand. Tonight, I had these thoughts as I’ve been building a growing admiration for one of our own, who has ascended in achievement beyond the whole of the software industry if you ask me, Richard Carlton. Did anyone catch the Lean Design Week with Richard Carlton and Nick Hunter this week? Talk about the whoosh. I was on that roller coaster ride which won’t be replicated anytime soon. That there was some crazies having fun. The edited version scheduled in a week or so. I say this defines a whole new standard of service to the FM Community. There needs to be a “Richard Carlton Award for FM Excellence to the Community" Award. To Already Provide: 1. A free template FMSP 7, to this level of FM expertise is Super Nova service. This software does it all really. No other software platform can match it’s gift to the FM Community. What software vendor has provided for free their functional code as FMSP_18, (the name I'd like to see) 2. An “Under a $100” training that tells you: a. Everything you could possibly want to know about FM b. Beginner everything c. Intermediate everything d. Advanced everything e. Developer Everything f. Server Everything g. AWS h. Scripting i. Layout Design j. Other systems k. But wait!, there’s more l. 3. Unmatched tech support. You always get help within a day. 4. Such informative and fun videos, many of them substantial and provided for free period, no money for nothing, by the jokester himself. 5. This last thermonuclear blast is iconic if you ask me because it demands a shift in understanding how FM works. It's a line in the sand. You must learn the Let Function. You must stop using loops. With all this server as our future and AWA and whatever else FM Corporate does to ruin access. I feel confident that RC will be up on it. I feel fully informed about the potential of FM in so many ways. Nick Hunter has given us the present of FM that carries us into the future. Doing thing correctly the old way is now the wrong way when it comes to server realities. It was like he was talking at the level of creation of FM and showing how simple it was to do complicated things. 7. Anything that you want to do, you can do in FM. It’s just amazing really. So, to be able to go directly to that function, watch a video, tinker with a live file, get tech support, all for the least possible cost, are you kidding me? Anyway, I could go on. Don't tell him who wrote this. Give him your own story. Love to all who love FM. John K. Pollard, III
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