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  1. I tried few calculation in Filemaker like substitute trim etc but did not get same result. Google sheets has nice function JOINTEXT any help to replicate/convert the function in Filemaker calculation.
  2. Thanks Aussie John for help the case statement solved the problem here is my screenshot of original solution (the dates are local i mean not Gregorian calendar )
  3. the result is always zero 0 i will try the case statement with different setting thanks for helping
  4. yep thats the problem. is their any other calculation to get days between dates in portal rows. something like which starts calculating from second portal row and ignore the first row or put the calculation in second row. some calculation like ....Calculate the days between portal rows and don't calculate the first row or blank if dates are same.
  5. I want the difference between two dates (days). The solution i am working is about submitting applications by person on different dates and report on how many days have past since the last submitted application date.
  6. Hi, I am using this calculation in portal which calculates days in portal Date - (GetNthRecord ( Date ; Get ( RecordNumber ) - 1 ) ) how can i modify or do something else to avoid (?) in the first row. Sample file attached for any modification/help. Thanks for any help DateCalc.fmp12
  7. Thank you Mr Lee i will give it a try and let you know of the result.
  8. Hi Everyone, I have my working solution with 10k+ records within one of the tables field i want to create new table, How can i create new table from already existing field. To clear my point i have made a demo/sample file. I have a TableA with ID and two fields Person Name and Office Name. How can I make new TableB using field Office Name from TableA and keep the existing records. OR How can i split TableA into TableB using field Office Name and give it ID/auto enter serial. Thanks in Advance for any Help. split_table.fmp12
  9. Thank you very much. Its works as i needed.
  10. Thank Rwoods for your reply. Maybe i am not asking the right question or using FM lingo. Let me try in simple words what i want. An office (A) has five Staff (A Staff1, A Staff2, ... ) same as Office B and C ... etc. Each office buys Asset and Assign that asset to staff. In Asset Layout I have portal which is based on Assign Table. When inside that portal i want to assign an Asset i see all the Staff from all offices. What i want is to see only Staff for the office which bought the asset not all the staff. Sorry if i didn't made clear what i need. Thanks again for the help.
  11. Hi Everyone, I need help with portal show records. I have attached the example solution. There are four tables. Office, Staff, Asset and Assign (Asset assigned to staff). On Asset layout i have portal based on Assign table i want the portal to show only staff members which are related to specific/related office not all staff. Maybe its already answered or its simple to solve but i couldn't find any after searching/googling. If any answer is already in forum please give me link or modify this solution i shall be very thankful. Thanks in advance for help. Assets.fmp12
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