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  1. I am relatively new to Filemaker so please help. I have a Filmaker solution that imports data regularly from various SQL sources. At certain times I require to delete all imported data in the Filemaker solution and then re-import. The Filemaker solution is hosted on an FM Server and contains no forms, only tables (These tables are accessed via various other FM solutions). The import is handled via ODBC and is scheduled using the schedule function on the server. All this works fine. When I require to delete the imported data, I use the 'Delete All Records' function in the script proceeded with the 'Perform Find' function as follows: Perform Find [Restore] Delete All Records [No Dialog] When I execute the script, I get the following message: 'This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table.' The correct table is selected in the Perform Find criteria but there are no forms (Layouts ) in the solution. Has anyone got any ideas please. Regards
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