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  1. Thanks Will, that has cleared things up. I shall have a stab at it today using the demo extension and see how I get on. Ian.
  2. OK, i'm getting really confused here, and the documentation doesn't really help answer my question. Let me see if I can make any sense here (for simplicity i've only included info about the databases I wish to utilise RemoteScripter on, which I will call the 'Target Database') - Setup - Server 13 Advanced - hosting an Access Control Database, the Target Database and a 'cut down' web version of the Target Database (for WebDirect use). The target database and the web version of the Target database both link to the Access Control Database which provides multiple variables that control what each user can access and do within the Target Database (via External Data Sources). The web version is a cut down 'front end' with a few web version specific parts, but the main data comes from the Target database itself (via External Data Source). Basically, I need to be able to call a remote script from within WebDirect, that performs a PDF creation script (which I already have working in the Target database - if accessing using FMPro). Now, the bit I don't get is where I have to install the plugins. I will set up a seperate machine to run FMPro (which will remain logged in all day etc etc), and this will access the Target Database that is hosted on the server. So, do I need to install the plugin on the standalone FMPro machine AND the server (even though the FMPro client will be accessing a database hosted by the server anyway?
  3. Hi All, i've been working on a few systems for my company - a couple of which I have decided to deploy using FM WebDirect. On certain machines I have no trouble at all (either using Firefox or IE 10), yet on another machine with the same browser version I get the dreaded 'Browser Not Supported' message, although it clearly states in the Tech Specs that this version IS supported. I was wondering if it may be a Java issue, so I upgraded Java 7 on one of the affect machines, and it made no difference. Most machines here are controlled via Group Policy, so the software is updated everyday (if updates are available etc). I tried doing a manual Windows Update search, and there were no available updates, so I know the machine is current. I really don't know where to go from here, as there seems to be no rhyme or reason why one machine with IE 10.0.9200.xxxxx works fine, yet another one doesn't. ESPECIALLY when FileMaker themselves say that these are supported browsers. It's really not helping me instill faith in the FileMaker platform within my company... Please help!
  4. Well, server works, but web publishing doesn't. As soon as I start the Web Publishing Engine, I will get an error in the log - "Java Web Publishing Engine process has terminated abnormally." I really thought I was getting somewhere!!! :-( Really had enough of this now. Even when the WPE stopped misbehaving, WebDirect still said it was disabled, even though it was ticked etc. Looks like its due to problems with the way it configured IIS (which was a completely default / fresh installation). Rebuilding the server to 2012, will let you know what happens. Don't hold your breath. This has to be the worst experience i've EVER had with any FM software, going right back to FM5.
  5. UPDATE - * Complete fresh install of Server 2008 R2 SP1. * ALL Windows Updates completed (inc. IE 11). * Manual installation of ARR 2.5. (To "manually" install ARR (Application Request Routing) 2.5, try the download located here. - thanks to TSFalcon from FileMaker Support Forum for this link, it is slightly different to the ARR 2.5 version that seems to be available in most other places) * Installation re-attempted. Has not failed at the ARR stage as before. * Installation completed! Just running through the Server Deployment now, but looking good.... Thanks again to TSFalcon for the link to the ARR 2.5 - upon inspection, it was slightly different to the one I tried before so I don't know if this was a factor, or if the Windows Updates were the root of the problem. Either way, it's something for you other guys having trouble to check!
  6. Also, sorry I forgot to put it in last post - I am using the proper setup.exe file, not the MSI.
  7. Hi Wim, According to the FileMaker Support Forum, there are at least three other reported cases of people having exactly this issue, with no resolution in sight. I have tried manually installing ARR 2.5 and ARR 3.0 before installation, with the same failure result. I fear this is going to be a bigger problem as the software gets adopted by more companies unless FM Inc get to the bottom of this issue very quickly. I'm trying a few other things today (all Windows Updates, upgrade to Server 2012 etc) so I will let you all know how I get on. If upgrading to Server 2012 is the only thing that fixes the fault though, I think FM Inc may need to revise the 'System Requirements' of FMS13...
  8. Still having absolute nightmare of a time getting this software working... I asked the server team at work to create me a brand new server, running 2008 R2. All working fine. Added IIS as a 'Role' - all working fine. Tried to install FMS13 and it fails during the installation process with the following error message - "IIS Application Request Routing (ARR) is required, but FileMaker Server was unable to download it. Either connect to the Internet and try again, or manually install IIS Application Request Routing (ARR)." Well, i am definitely connected to the internet, so that isnt the issue. Also, I tried manually downloading and installing ARR 3.0 (as 2.5 is no longer available) and it makes no difference at all. Surely I cannot be the only one having this issue? All and any advice or help would be greatly appreciated... Ian.
  9. OK, I may have jumped the gun a bit there - just installed onto a laptop that has never had FMS installed and the very same licence key works OK? Any ideas why it shows as invalid on the actual server machine???
  10. Well, I am among the many users of this forum to be really excited by the latest version of FileMaker. I got the FMPA13 software and licences from one of my AVLA's the other day, and have been busy exploring the features that'll help me enhance all of my FM solutions that I have written for my company. I also got the software and licences for the server version from one of my other AVLA's (the company has a few agreements in place, for different divisions etc). This is where it all started going wrong. Backed up my server as a good IT chap should, I even read the Getting Started Guide to kill some time while I was waiting for the backup to complete! Dutifully copied all my solutions out of the FM directory structure, cleared the suggested caches and uninstalled FMS12. Ah bliss... All was going well. Installed FMS13 with the supplied licence key details, all OK. Completed the Deployment, all OK. Then noticed that none of my DB's were being hosted and that according to the 'Change Server Licence Key' section - I had 0 connections available for anything, and the error log showed that I had an invalid licence key... Re-entered my Licence Key Details very carefully (several times), tried both the keys that I was sent by FileMaker, and nothing has worked. Thanks for that FileMaker, what a complete waste of a day. Currently restoring back to FMS12 from backup and wondering how I am going to convince my bosses that FM13 is a suitable platform to continue working with if I can't even get the software installed.... AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH! Rant Over.,
  11. I'm also trying something similar.... What did you have to install on Windows to get the ODBC connectivity to Oracle?? I'm lost at this point....
  12. Hi All, I've been bashing my head against a wall for a little while now, and really really need some help. I have a Windows 2008 Server, which is running FileMaker Server Advanced 12, and I need to know what I need to install to be able to access an Oracle 11g Database via ODBC. I've tried a couple of downloads from the Oracle website, and nothing has worked so far. I'm sort of fumbling around in the dark as I do not know much about Oracle at all. If anyone knows how to do this I would be forever grateful for some concise information / steps etc. I have removed all previous attempts and downloaded software from my server, so I can start from scratch once I have the correct information. Many thanks in advance. Ian.
  13. I remember having to do something similar to this quite a while ago. Not sure if it was the best way, but it worked, and was foolproof... Basically I had a start date field, an end date field, and an auto calculated field that listed all the possible dates in between the start and the end. Once I had that information associated with each record, it was easy to have a script check against the calculated field to see if a particular date was in the list or not. I think I had the 'check' script run whenever a new record was committed, and used script parameters to make sure it was checking against the correct existing records etc. Hope this helps, or at least gives you another method to think about.
  14. Just a quick idea for the Wish List... I know that most of the time I try to break my scripts up into smaller sub-scripts to aid efficiency, and to promote 'best practice' etc, but occasionally (mainly during complex script development) I find it easier to write everything in one big script, if nothing else, it's much easier to debug when it isn't calling sub-scripts with x number of ScriptResults and ScriptParameters etc etc... Once it all works, then I break it down... With this in mind, is it possible to be able to 'condense' lines of the script, similar to the code window in something like DreamWeaver? It'd be very helpful when writing and fixing problems to be able to select a whole If / Else If / End If part of the script, and condense it, so it makes everything else easier to read / track etc... So instead of - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 etc you could have 1 2 3-7 (condensed / hidden) 8 etc
  15. Position Title: Technical Consultant - FileMaker Description of Duties: Reporting directly to the Senior Technical Consultant, you will be responsible for designing, developing and delivering applications on FileMaker platform. You will be engaged directly with business process owners for requirement elicitation, application prototype, enhancements and for management of technical and functional deliverables under the supervision of Senior Technical Consultant. The person should possess good communication skills, with a proven experience in delivering FileMaker projects through the entire project lifecycle. Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Deadline: ASAP. Position: Full Time / Consultants cannot apply Employment: Onsite Skills Required: Essential: 2 – 5 years of working experience as a Technical Consultant / Lead programmer on FileMaker Pro Advanced / Server Advanced. Proven experience in database design, GUI design, workflow programming, scripting and interfacing FileMaker applications with non-FileMaker platforms like .Net, SQL Server and Oracle etc. Experience with use of relational database for FileMaker as MS SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. In-depth knowledge of at least one of the following business area(s): Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management, MRP, Flight Scheduling, Flight Cargo Tracking and procurement. In depth knowledge on business processes & procedures Good communication skills. Good presentation and requirement elicitation skills. Hard working, team player, self motivated, focused with a “can do” attitude. Ability to work under strict timelines and un-supervised. Experience working in a multi-cultural environment. Desirable: FileMaker 10/11/12 certified developer. HTML, CSS and PHP experience. University degree in field of technology or application programming. Hands on experience on Visual basic and VB.Net Compensation: Salary dependant on experience. Contact Details: Ian Sanders, Senior Technical Consultant - ian.sanders@supreme-group.net / +971 (0) 4 350 8484 (Office) / +971 (0) 55 715 1624 (Mobile) Disclaimer: FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these positions please contact the poster for further information regarding the position particulars.
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