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  1. alright, I guess we can disregard everything I've said previous. I took a small break, came back and started working on a find script. looks like my issue was much simpler than what I've been looking at. When doing an OS check, I put " > 2 " as the check. should have been " < 2" so it was going to the next step, "Enter Preview" I just tested it, if I go into preview in the report layout, it will show previews for every single record. chalk this up to end user error. thanks all
  2. none I just noticed the layout discrepancy. Ive been overlooking it all day. I'm going to work and see if thats got something to do with it, and figure out where the layout changes in the script process would probably be a good idea to walk away for an hour or so and clear out my thoughts. come back to it fresh. thanks.
  3. ok let me see if I can show it better with a screenshot My apologies for some of the whited out areas. We're still in development and my company is extremely sensitive to security. The script is activated via a button from within the application. This is the script that runs At the "Show related records" portion, a new window opens and shows only the record I want to print to PDF If I remove the Sort Record [restore], the new window immediately populates with data from the rest of the records. If I keep the Sort Record [restore], no matter what sorting I do, I get da
  4. I use "Go To Related Records" from table "Inspections" using Layout "Reporting Template" After that runs, I have to run a "Sort Records" command. This template gathers data from fields within the Inspections table and presents it in a report fashion for customers. This report gets printed to PDF and is the deliverable. When I use Go To Related Records, I see only the record I want to print. But if I dont include the Sort Records in the script, it reverts to creating a view with every record in the database. each report is about 10 pages, so instead of a 10 page report with jus
  5. Disregard this post. It seems that in our communications, I was sent a copy of Filemaker Pro 13 when I requested a copy of Filemaker Pro 13 Advance. Pro 13 doesnt support copy and paste. I loaded up the Advance version and I was able to configure it all within 10 minutes. User error thanks all
  6. I get to the screen after choosing the server and database. the very first step says Step 1: Copy and Paste MirrorSync support table into your database so I click the Copy Mirrorsync Table button, and it says its been copied to my clipboard and to open up Filemaker Pro and paste it into tables Clipboard is empty. No matter how many times I click the icon, it never copies data to the clipboard. I thought about creating the tables myself, but I'm wondering if the next step wont copy either. Tried it on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2008 machine. Each time with
  7. Were beta testing and I have 8 users I use mirror sync 1.5 build 5937 to create a link to the offline database. I then email all users the link. About half of the users can download the file, open it in filemaker go, but when trying to sync, they get an Error 6 Error 6 apparently means the file is read only. But if I had a configuration error in the server, wouldnt all 8 ipads fail? edit: we have 10 licenses available so its not a license issue On the ipads with issues, I've deleted the offline version from their system and attempted to redownload it using the same li
  8. I'm already generating PDF reports, but they want to be able to save reports as Word files. I can possibly use RTF but there are some tables in the reports I would need to emulate. Is there an "easy" way to generate the reports to editable word files?
  9. Im not seeing where I can uncheck "do not store calculation results" FMPro 12
  10. oh man if this works I owe you a beer. Will try as soon as I get a chance to
  11. Basically there is now a need to take an offline copy of the database to customer's sites. we will be accomplishing this via Mirrorsync. In order to prepare the database i had to add a UUID field that gets generated automatically when a record is modified/created. Its a basic function that converts the date stamp and the record ID into a numeric UUID. This works for data going forward but I have 10,000+ records of data with no UUID. I need to create a way to go through each old record and modify it enough to kick in the auto-generating of the UUID field. Otherwise I wo
  12. First thought was Firewall. but port 5003 is opened at the firewall and being forwarded to the right server. I'm building the script inside the firewall so I dont know if I'm running into an issue with the way the script gets written. I can sync 2 way all other fields in the database but containers wont go from ipad to hosted solution. going from the hosted solution back to the ipad I get an error 100 internally we are using the FQDN of the server, externally we are using filemaker.XXXXX.com 2 way sync including the containers are working fine internally. Where in the M
  13. that wont sync back to the ipad though correct? if I can run a script to put the image from a container into a super container, could I technically do it backwards? Run a script that grabs things people have uploaded via IWP to a Supercontainer and copy it to a standard container? This should in theory let me then sync the images back to the ipad.
  14. The only thing I found was an Android app. but it doesnt move over the visual styles, just database structure. I already tried it and it did not work at all
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