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  1. Alas... I'm back eos - please can you work your magic on this again? Attached is my file, and a new screenshot of what I need to do - The TO's totally confuse me still? It's likely I will need to do this same function again on another table also... I'm hoping I'll be able to work it out by then! Many thanks indeed if you get the time... Olly
  2. eos, Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed to achieve. Seriously helped me out and made me smile - full steam ahead! Hope you have a great day and thanks again Regards Olly
  3. Hi all, Thanks for the tips... however I think I'm somewhat mis-understood... Hopefully this diagram better explains the functionality? TIA - you're help is always appreciated Olly cookingApp.pdf
  4. Good afternoon all, Really hoping someone can point me as to where I am going wrong on the attached file? [Layout: CookingRecord] I can make my portal display the data required, but the user interface is not what I need. Upon clicking in the first field ("Product ID") a drop-down list displays showing all the related data from the table ("PRODUCT"). What in fact I want to do is filter these lists in a much better way. What I need is: a user to click in the field ("Product Type") in the portal (this displays a drop-down list of all the records in the related table) when a selec
  5. Thanks Brooks - truly appreciate your time effort and expertise! I have completed my solution now and I'm very happy with its functionality. I have found however the solution on FileMaker Go lags when creating new data in portal records. Thanks anyhow - you're a star Olly
  6. Struggling at the first hurdle on this I have set my script to place data into the field on my portal. Setting up the variable works if I have "dummy text" but just leaves the portal row blank if I specify the data to be from a related table. I was hoping this would work: Go to Portal Row [Last] Set Variable [$i; Value:FRIDGE NAME::NAME] Set Field [RECORDED FRIDGE TEMP::FRIDGEname_IDkf; $i] This works as I expected: Go to Portal Row [Last] Set Variable [$i; Value:"Dummy Text"] Set Field [RECORDED FRIDGE TEMP::FRIDGEname_IDkf; $i] What am I missing for the portal t
  7. Doughemi - I think I get what you mean now - huge thanks for your time and patience. Brooks - super job - thank you so much! The file you posted is getting close to what I set out to do. The min / max range works a treat - much better than I anticipated and easy to add triggers if the ranges then get too large I have tidied up the file so its functioning as I need - almost! Is there a way to create several new records within a portal, based on the records in a related table? In my file attached on the layout "Date Records Stored" I want to add a button to create a new record,
  8. Different fridges would have different ranges. When setting up the range for Fridge ID 1 the user needs to be able to select 8 temperatures from a long list via a check box. The selection then becomes the value when creating a new 'reading' for that fridge. Fridge ID 2 would have a different set of selected temperatures, to allow a different shortened value list. My original file attached achieved this on the 'fridge name' table, but I'm struggling to add this back into your nicely working file you posted. Please help?
  9. Gaps could be permitted, For example - FRIDGE ID 1: "1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5" FRIDGE ID 2: "1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5" Thank you
  10. Hi Doughemi, Many many thanks for the file! This is close to the information I need the system to create. One of the biggies though, is for a user to create their own parameters for the device types range of temps. Your file allows "fridge" or "freezer", and then values for one or the other. I need the value list to display many options for the user to select. What I'm trying to achieve [if possible] is a checkbox set of many values [different temperatures], and the user chooses which values then become available in the value list. Blimey this sounds confusing to me now.... User cre
  11. Hi all, Was hoping I could be pointed in the right direction here - hopefully I can explain myself fully as to what I want to achieve... TASK: A user has many fridges/freezers in their kitchen, they need to record the temperatures of their fridges twice daily. [FRIDGE NAME TABLE] To set-up their database, a user first must create a new fridge record and name/number each one, and select range of temperatures the fridge could be running at when the records are taken, For instance: "Fridge 01" temperature zone could be "1°C", "2°C", "3°C", "4°C" "Freezer 02" temperature zone cou
  12. Because I have defined the username, and I'd rather let the user do this post giving the user access.
  13. Hi all, Can anyone point me in the right direction for this one... When a user with a customised privilege set logs in they are prompted to change their password for the first time of logging in [standard filemaker option]. What I'd like the user to be able to do on my layout is have a settings section.... A user could change their username and their password. Is this something FM can support? I've searched about for others achieving a similar thing but have not found anything yet. Any help, as always - is greatly appreciated.
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