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  1. Would be most grateful if somebody could help please. I have developed a WebDirect solution which all works fine. I type in into my browser, it lists my database file named 'Portam' and I'm then able to log-in. I'm also able to access the file via Filemaker Pro Advanced using the Open Remote File facility and selecting the host fmnet:/filemakerserver.cunliffes.local/, this then lists my file 'Portam' and like with above i'm then able to log-in. I firstly have to make a VPN connection however to my office for my file 'Portam' to be listed when selecting the host, else my file doesn't appear. What's confusing me is that I recently asked for help via the forum with a few issues with my solution, and in providing the filemaker I.P Address only, and setting up an account for this person I seen via the filemaker server console that he had managed to log-in. I know that a VPN connection isn't required, and he doesn't have a VPN set-up to allow him to connect into our office, so what is he doing differently? It would be great if somebody could help as my client has just purchased Filemaker Pro to access the solution, instead of via the browser, and they don't have a VPN connection set up to connect into my office so at present they can't access it this way, only via a browser. Sorry if the above is a little confusing, have tried to explain it the best I can Regards Steve
  2. Hi Comment, yes my unstored calculation fields depend on changes made to data in related fields. Some of the related fields can be more than one level deep however. I'm unsure if more than one level deep you would still class them as related but if the tables are joined in one way or another I suppose you would. I forgot to mention, my database is being developed for use via WebDirect and one article I read suggested not using a flush cached join.
  3. Hi All, Hoping somebody can help please or just point me in the right direction. Is there a way to refresh / update calculated fields on a layout. I have tried a 'Refresh Window' script, 'Refresh Object' script but neither appear to work. At present I am leaving the field's browse mode on in Inspector, as I have discovered through trial and error that when I change/add data then click in the calculated field it activates a refresh..... well in most cases it does. This isn't ideal as on one particular layout I have 2 calculated fields, plus two portals each with a calculated field (Four calculated fields in total). The alternative is to come out of the layout and go back into it. In trying to find out the answer, I did read a post about using a 'cartesian join' to refresh calculated fields but there were a few negative replies to that post so guessing it wasn't the best method and if i'm honest I was struggling to understand it. Regards Steve
  4. LOL you folks are amaizing, both work brilliant! Thank you once again for taking the time to reply and help me, it's very much appreciated. Steve
  5. Hi Lee, Ah right yes, I understand what you mean now by a found set. I don't think this is what i'm after however and don't think I have explained my problem properly. It's not that I have lots of records where this has occurred i.e a return or space but no data and need to easily find and delete them. Also the database isn't live yet, i'm only testing it so losing any data at this stage wouldn't be too critical anyway. My layout has several fields that the user will 'fill in' then submit the form. They are however able to go back into that particular record/form and edit the data in the fields. What if when editing a field they: - remove the original entry (leaving a blank field), Then accidentally hit the space bar or return key and move onto the next field Get distracted, forget to fill in the blank field and hit the submit button. The form will submit as as you kindly pointed out above, the space or return are acting as characters. I know this must sound silly to an FM Expert, but it's a scenario that actually happened and so could happen again. I can't think of any scenario where an empty field wouldn't act as an empty field unless it had 'actual' data in it. Before resorting to the forum, I spent hours reading through my books to find a script that basically worked by doing just that, i.e. looking for actual physical txt or numbers else returned that the field was empty. I hope I have explained myself and my problem a little clearer to you. Steve
  6. Hi Lee, It's just simple txt and numbers that are supposed to be in the fields i.e. an address, persons name, tel no. etc. I'm not familiar with Found Set but will read up on it as I have a good few books here i've purchased to help me with my learning of FM. Steve
  7. Hi, Hoping somebody can explain why this happens. If you have a basic script attached to a button as follows: - If [IsEmpty (Projects::Client Name )] or If [Projects::Client Name = "")] f you place the cursor in a field and hit return then click out the field, so field is still free of any text but has a return in it, the script fails. If I go back into the field and take the return out, the script works. It's as if the return is acting as an entry even though the field is still blank/free of any text/data....... confused I came across when asking a colleague to test a layout and he must have hit return to exit the field after entering txt. We then go back and remove the txt (not realising at first there was a return in there) and to my surprise the script failed and the layout exited. Steve
  8. Understood! I shall change to use SetField[] and clear the global at the end of the script. I will save a copy of my file and work on Comments solution also to get it working. Thank you again, I am very appreciative of everybody's help, comments and advice. Steve
  9. Bruce, thank you for the idea / suggestion. I will look into it to see if that is a more suitable way but I have solved it for the time being using LaRetta's original script. Comment, I have played around for a good for hours trying to get one of your examples your provided to work but with no luck. It's a great example but I have many many tables, joins etc and struggling to configure it for my development. I'm sure if you had a copy of my file you would quickly adapt it to work but i'm still learning. LaRetta, I have simply created a global field for my second portal and tried this script and it works a treat: - Copy[Select; BeneficiaryAllocationsforProjects::Beneficiary Allocations ID PK] Go to Object [Object Name: “Aided Funding Portal”] Paste[Select; Aided Expenditure Projects::Global Check Field] If[ not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( List ( Aided Expenditure Projects::Beneficiary Allocations ID) ; Aided Expenditure Projects::Global Check Field)))] Show Custom Dialog [“Message Notice”; "Aided funding type has already been used"] Else Copy[Select; Aided Expenditure Projects::Global Check Field] Go to Portal Row [Select; Last] Paste[Select; Aided Expenditure Projects::Beneficiary Allocations ID] Show Custom Dialog [“Message Notice”; "New aided funding added"] End If I know it has been recommended not to use copy/paste etc. But if the above works perfectly and saves me duplicating tables in the graph, creating new joins etc is it that wrong to use the above script. Cheers Steve
  10. Hi LaRetta, OK, thank you for your reply. I'm going to work again now on Comments direction, determined to crack it!! Thank you both for your help and time to date and pointing me in the right direction, will let you know how I get on Steve
  11. Hi, Comment - Post 355429 is exactly what i'm trying to achieve, unfortunately I can't get it to work for me but will keep trying. LaRetta, I think I now understand your script but it just keeps returning the message "Aided funding type has already been added": - If the 1st line of the script lists the full list of ID numbers from the first portal, in my case from my attached screen shot B-355, B-356. Then filters the results based on the ID numbers in the 2nd portal, this being B-355. Then isn't it always going to evaluate as not empty regardless of which record i'm in when I click the button? Sorry, I have been trying all day to understand this and get it to work but with no luck. Regards Steve
  12. Thank-you all for your posts and suggestions / help. LaRetta, I tried your script and can't get the first line to work when writing it, keeps saying there are too few parameters in this function. As asked, let me try and explain further what this is about. Please see attached snap-shot of my layout. The portal with the heading above it 'Available (Aided) Funding Sources' is named 'Funding Available Portal'. This is where I am trying to copy the data from. The portal with the heading above it 'Add Aided Funding' is named 'Aided Funding Portal'. This is where I am trying to paste the data to and then do a check on this portal also to see if that funding type already exists. You will see on my attached snap-shot that B-355 LCVAP has already been used so if the user Clicks the 'Use' button to try and use this funding type again, it will stop them. I hope I have tried to explain this a bit better for you and it now makes sense what I am trying to do. Cheers Steve Layout Snapshot.pdf
  13. Would be most grateful if someone could help or point me in the right direction please. I have a button on a portal whereby when clicked I would like it to copy data from a field on it (field named 'Beneficiary Allocations ID PK'), then paste it into a field on another portal (field named 'Beneficiary Allocations ID'), then perform a find to see if that value already exists. Note: both portals are on the same layout. I just keep getting the same message returned ""Aided funding type has already been used". Here is my script: - Go to Object [Object Name: “Aided Funding Portal”] Go to Portal Row [select; Last] Paste [select; Aided Expenditure Projects:: Beneficiary Allocations ID] Enter Find Mode[] Perform Find [Restore] If[Get(FoundCount) ≠ 0] Show Custom Dialog [“Message Notice”; "Aided funding type has already been used"] May put a delete portal row here but undecided……. Else Show Custom Dialog [“Message Notice”; "New aided funding added"] End If The specify find request behind my Perform Find is 'Aided Expenditure Projects:: Beneficiary Allocations ID: [!] I hope I have explained it clearly Cheers Steve
  14. Hi Comment Thank-you for pointing me in the right direction, have been having a play around with it and this seems to work great: - Set Error capture [On] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [Projects::Consultant ; Get (AccountName)] Perform Find [] Sort Records [ Restore ; No dialog ] If [Get(FoundCount) = 0] Show Custom Dialog ["No Records Have Yet Been Created"] End If   Thanks again Steve
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