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  1. Hello, Since upgrading one of my clients to FileMaker 16 (on Windows 10) and SuperContainer 2.9504, they've been having this problem where FileMaker sometimes won't launch if the SuperContainer Companion Plug-in is in the Extensions folder. In Task Manager, FileMaker appears as a background process, but never finishes opening. Removing the plug-in, launching FileMaker, quitting FileMaker, then putting the plug-in back fixes the problem--for a while. SuperContainer Companion is the only plug-in that they use. I've seen this problem mentioned in the FileMaker forums, but he
  2. Hello, This problem was apparently fixed back in 2012, but it's come back. I've just updated a client to FileMaker 16. They use Windows 10. They are now having this same problem, which didn't happen with FileMaker 13. This is with SuperContainer plug-in versions 2.899 and 2.9504. Thanks, Lauren
  3. Hello, Will a two machine FileMaker Server deployment, with SuperContainer on the web publishing machine, give better performance than a single machine FMS deployment? There are 10 FMP users. Most layouts contain images from SuperContainer, in some cases many images. Thanks, Lauren
  4. Hello, We're using SuperContainer 2.899 with FileMaker Server 13 on Windows 7. Our Windows FileMaker 13.0 v9 Pro clients don't always see image thumbnails. This is whether the URL includes noapplet or not. The image thumbnails do appear if I add a height parameter to the URL (you'll see why I tried that in the log). Any idea why this is happening? Here's the log from the server: Thanks, Lauren Naslund Paradise Partners, Inc. Jun 09, 2015 3:47:45 PM com.prosc.supercontainer.model.Configuration configureLogFile INFO: Writing detailed log information to file C:\Users\SuperContainer\SuperContai
  5. I added the 'progress=false' flag, and, unfortunately, am still having the same problem. (You're correct, I'm not using showSaveDialog.) The only factors so far that seem to reduce the occurrence of the error are 1. adding a 1-second pause after each SCDownload step 2. running the script on a smaller number of records at a time Please let me know if you have any other ideas on how to avoid this error. Thanks, Lauren
  6. Quite a few images failed to export during this run. One example is the file named VMWB-566-Platdia_1.jpg. Here's the log, I hope it contains a clue. 360Plugins_FMPro.txt Thanks, Lauren
  7. There are no plug-in calls between the two functions. The script step sequence is: Set Variable [ $result ; Value:SCDownload(…the parameters...)] Pause/Resume Script [Duration (seconds): 1] If [$result = "ERROR"] Set Variable [$errorlog; $errorlog & "¶" & Value:styles::style number & " - " & SCLastError ] End If I do get a list of the style numbers of the records that failed, but SCLastError is always blank. BTW The 1 second pause greatly reduces the number of failed downloads. Is that a clue? We don't get better results with a 2 second pause, though. I'l
  8. I have a script that loops through a couple hundred records in FileMaker, performing SCDownload for an image in SuperContainer for each. A few images fail to download or are incomplete (only the top half is present, the rest is gray). This happens with a different set of images each time I run the script on the same records. But here's what seems strange: When an image fails to download or is incomplete, SCDownload returns "ERROR". But SCLastError returns nothing. Under what circumstances would SCLastError return an empty result if SCDownload returns "ERROR"? Thanks, Lauren Naslund
  9. Hello,  I saw this in a post last August, but don't see what the resolution was. The same thing has just started happening with one of my clients. They are using SuperContainer 2.896 and the latest version of Java. Their log is identical to the one in the August post. I've attached screenshots.  Thanks for any help with this, Lauren Naslund
  10. Hi, Did this ever get resolved? One of my clients has just reported that the same thing has been happening with them. They have SuperContainer Companion 2.896 and the latest version of Java. Their log (at least the first 20 lines or so) is identical to the one you've posted. Thanks, Lauren
  11. We are using Exchange as the email server. I'm connecting using EmailConnectPOP then using EmailReadMessages with "readonly=true". As soon as that step runs, the messages as viewed in an Outlook inbox change from not viewed to viewed. This didn't happen before switching servers to Exchange. Could this be a fluke of Exchange? Or could it be because Outlook is using IMAP and the Email Plugin is connecting using POP? Thanks, Lauren Naslund
  12. Hello, I'm trying to set up the Email Plugin with an Exchange Server. I'm able to connect via IMAP, but not able to make an SMTP connection. I've added the "ssl=1" parameter (the server administrator says it is using TLS encryption), and have specified the port in the server address. When using all the same settings in an email client, I am able to connect. Is there something I'm missing? Will this not work with Exchange? Thanks, Lauren
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