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  1. I'm curious about this new feature. What I particularly want to know if the process requires an initial sync after the download of the new version .
  2. Sync Check Speed Improvement - Part 2

    How's the speed of EasySync compared to Mirrorsync ? We like Mirrorsync but we had troubles recently and the fact that it's an external app makes it harder to debug . We're looking at other products while we're waiting for a fix.
  3. 2 problems that may be related 1.Starting a few days ago I sometimes get an error message (Unexpected response from Mirrorsync server) . It seems to happen when I haven't synced in a few hours. When I retry 2 seconds after the error message it works just fine....apparently anyway. 2.We got a wrong deletion of a record that was just inserted in the same sync. In the log there was this line WARNING: Deletion scanning mismatch in NodeReference for hub node FileMaker Server ... with associated spoke node Client node .. on iPhone Go ... Deleted record count (1) - extra count (0) does not equal expected missing recount count (0). This will probably lead to false deletion scans on every sync after this. Not sure what that means and what is the cause of this problem but I must say that it's scary. I already sent the log to 360works but I'm trying my luck here as maybe someone already had this problem and knows the fix.
  4. Perfect. Thanks for the detailed answer.
  5. Thanks for the reply Jesse. What about containers ? From the documentation Should I convert my container fields into base64 text fields to avoid that ?
  6. We are currently using MS with FMS 14 ( concurrent connections license). The new licensing (which I really hate) of FMS 15 and 16 use the notion of "users" instead of concurrent connections. How does MirrorSync work with that system ? If I have 50 different users who sync their offline database , do I really need to buy 50 FLT licenses (knowing that those users will not connect directly to the server and only use MS to sync) ?
  7. Thanks for this. Got this error message this morning too. I removed the newly added table from the config and it solved the problem. It appears fmphost does not have this 2.6009 version (the version is 2.6) We really need to upgrade to v3 !
  8. Post-Sync Hub Actions

    Thanks. We will update in the next few weeks. Meanwhile I will work on an alternative way to get what I want by adding a new synced table.
  9. Post-Sync Hub Actions

    What I'm trying to do is to update some field with the result of a calculation. This update must be the last action since the calculation depends on related records that may have been updated, deleted or added inside the same sync. Of course I could achieve what I want by launching 2 consecutive syncs like this 1.Sync 2.Update records on the device (any field just to force an update on the hub) that I want to get new calculated results from the server 3.Sync again (in the A RECORD WAS UPDATED ON THE HUB section..I would add the calculated update) I guess that would work but it would be pretty inefficient.
  10. Post-Sync Hub Actions

    I tried it and no record was added. It really seems like it's not triggered . In the post-sync hub section Perform Script ["UpdateData"] Simple UpdateData test script Go To Layout ["LayoutOfTestTable"] New Record/Request Set Field [TestTable::afield;"abcd"] Go to Layout [original layout]
  11. I understand that MirrorSync 2.305 is probably no longer supported but we won't update before a few weeks and I have a problem that may be simple. I have added a script in the POST-SYNC HUB ACTIONS section of the MirrorSync customization script but it does not seem to be executed. I am attempting to update a field for a few records on the server. The script is simple and looks like Go To Layout MyTable Replace Field Contents [No dialog;myfield;newcontent] I sync and the MyField values are never modified. Am I missing something ?
  12. Order of synced tables

    I just tried the following in the WillDelete section If Get ( LayoutName ) = "travels" set field[cars::lastdestination, "x"] I deleted a travel on the device and synced. The lastdestination field on the device was changed to "x" ! So the modification is sent back to client. The problem I have now is to modify my calculated field so it ignores the travels that are going to be deleted. Can I write something in the record that is going to be deleted or will it cause a problem ? EDIT Got it to work 1.created ToBeDeleted field in the travels table 2.modified the relation between travels and cars so the ToBeDeleted travels records are ignored 3.In the willdelete section I set the field ToBeDeleted of the travel to 1 and reevaluate the lastdestination
  13. Order of synced tables

    I thought about the willdelete section. I haven't tried it because I assumed that the data would not be sent back to the client. I may try it to see.
  14. Sorry for the vague title. Let's suppose 2 tables Table Travels (travelID , carID, destinationID) Table Cars (carid, lastdestination) What I want is to update the lastdestination field in the table cars each time a travel is deleted. What I tried is 1.When a travel is deleted on the phone, I update the car modification time stamp to make sure it gets synced. 2.In the customization script in the "A RECORD WAS UPDATED ON THE HUB" section I added If Get ( LayoutName ) = "cars" set field [lastdestination, last(travels::destinationid)] 3.I deleted the last travel of a car and synced. The lastdestination field was not updated. I guess that this is because the deletion of the travel record is done after the car record update. 4. If I update the car on the device again and sync...then the field gets updated. Any way to achieve what I want to do ? Can I force the car table to be synced last ? P.S. Different users can use the same car. I can not use a calculated field to determine the last position on the device because the other user travels are not on the device.

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