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  1. Excellent Claus thanks. Nick, I ll get back to you soon today as I get the time. This is a long stading issue and it's been gaining traction in fmi forums too. I hope an update is around the corner, although to be fair two machines for server and fmserver are probably the only way to go.
  2. Hi Nick, great post, I 've done quite a few things every time the problem popped up, until I completely uninstalled os x server. I seem to remember that after os x server claimed the ports, there was no way I could have fms claim them back, dustbin or not. I'll definitely give your option a try on a back up installation though because I am not sure about the sequence of my, many, actions to get this to work.
  3. That'd be great too, for sure. And it's a big must. I 've read of a quite convoluted workaround to to that, in the forums, but I 've not tried it. Mine's more simple and I guess more easy to implement and via the inspector, and it's sort of related: I want one button like the "align fields at equal distance from each other over a set length", but actually resizing all elements the same size and one after the other. That is field A is the first of the selection at X,Y and fiend N is last at X1,Y1. Then via one button you enlarge or decrease the size of each field selected, setting them at the same width one after the other from X,Y to X1,Y1.
  4. Sorerly missing in this version, but it's understood what with iwork and cloud iwork being newly invigorated teams and fmi having their own internal schedule. Having said that it's a ******* shame to not being able to import/export with numbers, and in gereral a nicely done integration of these two is sorely missing. I have high hopes though because they both seem to have young and experienced, and certainly very dedicated teams which are confluent in their html5 dedication and also the new breed of all around synchronization and integration of appications/services. It can't come soon enough though.
  5. That would be very handy in layout design. I see fmi doing a management of areas and resources and this chunk of layout features not getting any love this version, but this seems like a simple a handy tool and can be imho implemented in, god willing, fm 14
  6. So here’s what I have, simple: Three tables the second on being the child of the first, and the third that of the second, Ids (pk), fks, and a couple of dummy fields. (The real life scenario I try to emulate is clients having a child of departments and that a child for employees) One layout from the first table with a portal to the second, and a nested portal there of the third. The portal doesn’t stay put but floats above. What am I missing out? b. I ve taken a turn to an approach of using value lists created on the spot, I ‘ve not taken it more than 50% in development, and it seems rather convoluted from what I am trying to do. That is have a nested portal of the employees per dept in the client layout. https://www.dropbox.com/s/uxfoz0ecfx3filr/Ex.%20Portals%20Nested.fmp12
  7. Owc, is indeed some kind of Mac Rome! Ignore the scanner. There really is not problem or bug imho with this system, once in the past it was reported that it might cause problems with the latest acd, so that's pretty much all you have to bear in mind. The motherboards are clearly designed to run at 16gb at the latencies apple suggest, and they have not been capped whatsoever by apple. If you ever see some need for it you can also have an internal fusion drive for some other minor purpose, as the mini supports that via OS X retroactively, there are ample details on the web. It's true thunderbolt has taken its sweet time to pick up, and maybe it may turn out to be some kind of firewire, so it's something to think about, at the moment I personally feel it's the way to go, but I am not familiar with the san and ethernet alternative. Also bear in mind that the new mac mini, hopefully by June the 2nd, might bring tb 2, but the 2010 one has a perfectly fine thunderbolt 1.
  8. Hi Richard, and thanks for sharing your experiences, very interesting read. Yeap the most recent mac minis designated by apple as 8gb are fully capable of 16gb, and without being particularly careful for ram. I have two systems like that both with crucial ram of average latency and they 've been humming along, knock on wood, with gusto and no problems. The mini gets hit by the rpm limit of the 2.5" interface, but recent wd hard drives pretty much imho do away with that, and you can always use thunderbolt for external storage. Actually both my system and my data is on thunderbolt, and soon it will be daisy chained by thunderbolt on different tb drive enclosures. I think actually it was available via owc, other world computing, which is as reputable as they come, but I wrote ebay as that detail wasn't really necessary and I wasn't looking to advertise these guys. As an aside I 've taken good hid about ssd's wearing out as per advice in this thread, and to do away as much as I could with the problem, I 've set up a raid of sorts with a hard drive and a couple of ssds that I will be rotating during the year to avoid that the ssd's take a considerable hit. Then in a year or so I will retire the ssds to the other array I 'll have (I currently have two time capsules on the network for back ups of all purposes, performed nightly) just for back up, and kind of repeat the procedure then on. Hope it works out.
  9. I 'll take your word for it of course Bruce because I am not really in position to judge, although the recent discussion on record IDs was something of a mess indeed. Having said that, and since I too really like anything filemaker related, esp. audio, the show's become a regular thing for me.
  10. May I ask if there is such an application/plug in. I would be happy if something could test just the network side with pings and stats, so that could be a network utility on the mac side. I have a few but any suggestions are welcome. Also, on the fms13 side, is there such a thing that would stimulate loads and usage scenarios and stress test it? I highly doubt it, but I have to ask.
  11. Great shows, I don't miss a single one and they bear repeated listens. Sorry for the mix up, takes some time for the who is who of fmp dev world. All the best, and thanks for the help in the forums over time, to everyone.
  12. I ll post one soon, sorry it's more time consuming than expected to recreate my db outside for a modular example. It's the last podcast Lee where you guys talked about getting fair credit for a project hats now out of your hands via some splash screen credit.
  13. This is a sort of off topic, a bit, post and thread. I just listened to Lee and Andy's podcast about splash screens, and creator's rights, but it's more about the splash screen's that I ll tie this is in with what I replicated in my solution as a splash screen. Inspired by the what's new screens in ios and iwork in particular I created a table with version updates. So here's how it goes: Basically I replicate what Ive's done with pages, a simple gradient screen with a nice eye cathing pallete, a set of simple icons, and the "what's new" features in a lean nice looking font. I love this style, it's so simple and concentrated. Now I have a table, that I use for user input for suggestions or bugs, I won't go into that, but that feed in my version updates table which is also linked to an icons one, I draw out of these three and generate merge fields with my updates and icons. Then every month (well the last couple of months) or so I pick gradient a typeset and a colour and I have a pop up pop up as in a floating window upon enter with all that there. It seems to focus the user, it provides a good overview of what they are about to get, plus it's good when they see their ideas getting done. I 'd love to write a blog about it, and If I ever get around it to provide a module for it, at least my take on it.
  14. With the expected message I 've got before when OS X server claimed FM's ports (and OS X server had websites off) : Websites are turned off. An administrator can turn them on using the Server application. This ties is with the thread on OS X Server and Filemaker but my issue is that I didn't even turn on OS X Server... I have it off with not possibility for upgrades and not using it, until an official fix comes out. And my query is: What is the quickest way/hack to reclaim said ports? I am not interested in the full technical brief hack someone's posted here for virtual websites, I just want to know if this happens again how can i fix it quickly, when restart doesn't work. edit: reinstalling server via the point heartbleed bug (mainly) upgrade doesnt' fix this.
  15. hmm, and that gets populated with lots of things you might want to remove but can't, it's a bit of a needless mess really, and a bug to me.
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