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  1. I have to disagree, im using Go 13.0.2 and it creates PDFs quite well. Freaze window go to layout<your layout> save records as PDF go to layout <originaal> refresh window works quite well
  2. Hi guys, I been working on this possibly easy task for several days now and really I'm past my Google up Filemaker skills. I have developed time-sheet which is using job codes do differ between jobs and boss wants me to add feature which would count total time for those separate jobs. Sometimes there might be few records with same job "number" and other time is just one. I have exported all jobs into one record with times and codes but now need to add same record names into one record with total time. Example ab 2, ab 3 into ab 5. Job names are random, generated by boss. I have attached simple file set up as the part I'm working on.  Any geeks out there ?? Please help export sorted.zip
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