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  1. OK. Well, LaRetta got me to thinking ... "surely I wouldn't need quotes?" So I decided to try it with quotes anyway. As a result I could see in dataviewer that there was a space after the last letter of the $Layout value. So I learned the MiddleValues function included the carriage return as well as the value. I fixed with the following and now all is great! Thanks to you both. Steve
  2. Well, I'm happy to provide more information; just not sure what that information would be. I'm setting a local variable "$Layout" with the value of the layout name to which I need to navigate. In this case the layout name is "PD_085". That's exactly the name of the layout. When the script step Go To Layout (layout name by calculation) executes I receive an error "105: Layout is missing". But the layout is there. This happens with every layout I try. Any thoughts? Steve Shiver HI LarRetta! I am NOT wrapping quotes around $Layout. Should I be wrapping quotes around the value that inside $Layout? BTW (my middle name is Rhett):) here's the script
  3. I can't seem to get "Go To Layout (layout name by calculation)" to work ... help? I'm passing a variable "$Layout" as the calucation. I've checked spelling over and over. I've tried different layouts. It simply won't honor the name in the variable. Any ideas anyone? I'm in the latest version of everything. Steve Shiver
  4. I love this plugin. I'm wanting to use allow multiple inline attachments. Is it possible to insert text in-between the attachments?
  5. Help! I have the Email plugin succesfully installed on FM Server 13. Using WebDirect I can send email ... works great from a browser. The same scripts using FM Go yields a "?" error. Please, Give me the secret! Steve Shiver SuiteFlow
  6. fndimarco, What's the status on this? I was about to upgrade to 13.02 until I read this post ... sorry you're the one that got the snake bite Steve Shiver
  7. Susan and Fenton, Where is the file you've referenced here "USPS_AddressVerify". I would love to have it! Looks like you do great work, Fenton. Steve
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