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  1. I have a video uploaded externally in a container field on my filemaker DB hosted by FM server 13. I am trying to play the video but filemaker go just says loading. I left it for about 20 minutes and still loading. Any suggestions? The file is only about 12 mb and its a .mp4 file. Thanks!
  2. Comment, you are a genius! Thank you very much!
  3. Sorry Comment, I dont think you understand what I meant. My explanation wasn't that great. So in my value list that is summarized now using your method I have the following Diagnoses: Amyloid Solitary Plasmacytoma MGUS Smouldering Myeloma Myeloma Myeloma-LC Myeloma-NS Plasma Cell Leukemia POEMS W.M The Number corresponding to the order in the value list. Now If you notice #'s 5, 6, 7 are all part of a big "Myeloma" grouping. I would like to have a field in the horizontal row that adds 4+5+6. Is this possible? Right now the summary calculation calculates all of the repetitions and depends
  4. Is there a way to summarize like 3 of the repetitions similiar to above or is it done a different way. I know usually summary fields are based on a find and sort.
  5. It's okay forget that, turned out I didnt check calculate as needed. It works perfectly thank you! Is it possible to aggregate the total of for example 3 repeats. For example. I have the Dx: Myeloma, Myeloma-LC, and Myeloma-NS in the headers and your calculation gets the total of each (which is great). I was wondering if there was a way to add each of these to get the total of these 3 diagnoses per year? Thanks again!
  6. Hello Comment, I have done exactly what you said but my calculation is returning a 0. I changed the naming on the calculation as well to match the names of my fields and value list. Does it matter if I am using server and if there are hyphens for line spaces in my value list? Does the value list have to be based on a field rather than a custom one? Thank you
  7. I will try this out! Thank you.
  8. Hello I am unsure how to do this or even if it is possible at all. I have a report that reports the Myeloma (Bone marrow cancer) subtype diagnoses corresponding to the year. I want the report to look like and print like this: Year Myeloma MGUS Myeloma-LC Ex. 2010 4 4 2 Total 4 4 2 Now the subtype is in a field called diagnosis and there is a count= count(pk_dx) that counts the diagnosis. I attached a screenshot how the report looks currently.
  9. So is this same issue with filemaker server 13? I have a database hosted on FMS13 and Because my server is only about 70gb I would like the containers to store the files on a network drive. My server is connected to the network drive constantly. Can I change the filepath so that the server can store containers to the external network drive or will it default back to the subfolder on the server drive where the DB is hosted?
  10. It is important because the boss says so lol. I added a monospace font and TBH it sticks out like a sore thumb. I guess the boss will see it and change their mind. hahaha
  11. Thanks LaRetta, Yes thats exactly what I mean. How do I know what fonts are not proportional? I am currently using Arial. Edit: By the way I am running my database on both OSX and Windows
  12. Hello, I have a portal with a date field in the format DD-mmmm-YYYY for example. 01-Jan-2015. I want to line up the right side and left side of each portal entry for this field so the text lines up perfectly. I am able to line up one side using the justification options but when I use full justification it does not work. Is there a way to line up the dates so that the spacing changes for some dates to meet the margins of the field and the text lines up on both sides? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi comment, yes so the field is a serum protein electrophoresis field that can be a number or have values such as NAD, N/A, Oligo, trace or Faint. The text values explains that the band did not end up reproducing a numeric value but something else. A numeric value is the value of protein electrophoresis distance. For the validation we want the data entry clerk or doctors to be able to enter any numeric value but only those text values. For example someone may input "Trace amount" instead of "trace" this would make things complicated when seeing which patients had a trace serum protein electrop
  14. Yes, I will test out wim's solution thank you. And yes comment I would like it to be Numeric OR from a value list as oppose to AND. I did see the validation check boxes for a strict numeric and value list value on the data validation options. However, this validation requires the data to be numeric and from the value list.
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