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  1. Thank you. Adding scroll bars disables auto resize. But now how do I hide it from being displayed ? Should I overlay a shape and hide it?
  2. Fields resize automatically when getting focus on an iPad. Is there a way to prevent this?
  3. The TO names get trimmed on my calculation dialog. How can I fix this ?
  4. A 799 Mac mini server + an FMP server license is the only way to learn FMP Php and such?
  5. Any disadvantages of using portals vs list view to show related records in iOS ?
  6. Thank you so much. When I tried using the summary field using the self relationship it works.
  7. Yes ! Thank you. It reports the correct result in the current found set. That is when I do a find in List view and flag records, it works fine. But what I need is the number of flagged records in the entire table. I tried Running count, it --kinda-- works. I use a script attached to an invisible rectangle of height 44pixels to flip the flag (for use on an ipad) The dataviewer shows the correct count when clicking and holding the mouse but the result reverts to 1 on releasing the mouse ??
  8. When I used the Count of [Flag] summary field, I got the magic number 17 all the time ?! Couldn't figure out where that came from. Thanks for pointing out to use number 1 instead of "Yes". Flipping the Flag is much easier now.
  9. I have a list of records in a table (CONDITIONS) shown on a list view. One of the fields is a checkbox when checked sets a value "Yes" to the field. I needed a calculation that shows the number of records flagged. What I tried: List of Records shown are based on a TO (Layout_Conditions) A field called "Flag" in each record is displayed as a checkbox to set a value "Yes" Created another TO based on CONDITIONS base table and named it "showCount_ofChecked" Created a global field gCheckedState and set it to "Yes" Created a self relationship between Layout_Conditions::gCheckedState an
  10. Atleast on the Desktop, Whenever I tried creating a count down timer with OnTimer Script trigger, that updated a visual representation of time left using a progress bar... 1.The screen flickered everytime the progressbar was updated by a script step 2. Filemaker wouldn't let me do anything on the fields during this update. So if I were to run the progressbar updating everysecond, I couldnt do anything useful on the screen until the count down finished. There is already that article about Javascript countdown timers in Filemaker using a webviewer. The technique looks very complicated.
  11. Say I have a webviewer running a javascript count down timer. Is it possible using the filemaker URL Scheme to trigger filemaker scripts from this webviewer ?
  12. Could anyone tell me if a solution where data and UI separated into 2 files will work on the iPad?
  13. Guess the sort button in the chart screen when clicked can "re-sort results based on a summary field". And Thanks to Matt Petrowsky for his video tutorial on "user based value lists" using BOM (Byte Order Mark). Better yet, the article on using BOM for custom sorted value lists from soliant consulting :
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