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  1. I am new to FMPro...what I have is an Excel spreadsheet that uses the SMALL function to find the four smallest values in a column and add them up. I have some other things I want to do with the data, and all the "Excel gurus" I have talked to keep telling me "Excel is not a database, you need a database to do that". So I figured I would try to create a database that does this. The goal is to score a golf meet (6 players each team, lowest 4 scores count in team total), but also keep season-long statistics (multiple meets) for my golfers. Finding the 4 lowest scores is extremely easy in Excel using the SMALL function. Is there a similar function in FMPro? I see FMPro Advanced lets you create custom functions---how would I create a custom "SMALL" function similar to Excel's SMALL function?
  2. I need to find the sum of the 4 lowest scores from a range of scores. I have created a field called "o1scores" that uses the "List" function to store list of all of the individual scores from the various individual score fields (p1score, p2score, etc). How can I use this new "o1scores" field to find the for lowest scores and then sum them up? For example: I have a field called "o1scores" where o1scores = list (p1score ; p2score ; p3score ; p4score ; p5score ; p6score). p1score, p2score, etc., are numeric fields that store an individual player's score How can I sort "o1scores" from lowest to highest, pick out the 4 lowest scores, and find the sum? Thanks!
  3. I am also interested in this...is the sample file available anywhere?
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