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  1. why not just apply the changes you made to the copy in the original and then rename the original?
  2. hello everyone, have you seen this video? (its only a minute and a half long)
  3. to the FMP Guru's out there, My solution contains a layout based on Table A that has two portals, one portal shows records from a related Table B that is only one relationship away. it works perfectly fine. The other portal is based on Table C which is related to Table B and ultimately Table A. The relationship works fine, and the portal almost always shows the correct data. On this layout as you go through the workflow it eventually changes a field in a record of Table C and then exits the layout. You can see this change immediately on a layout that is dedicated to another occurence of Ta
  4. i had this problem on something i was working on a while ago but dont remember the exact solution. it was using google maps aswell. you might need to include <script type="text/javascript"> after your script src line?
  5. Oops one of the lines got cut off. But yes it is FMP protocol. Since you mentioned that this behaviour is intended, is there another way to call the script without reopening the file? perhaps through a different protocol?
  6. Hello everyone, I have written a short line of code as a custom html in the web viewer such that when the link present in the web viewer is clicked it runs a particular script in the file with a parameter. It looks like this: "data:text/html," &" <html> <body> &"/"& Get ( FileName )& "?script=<scriptName>&param=" & <someField> &"'>View Map Detail</a> </body> </html>" Now I know that this web viewer is doing what i want it to do. upon clicking the link the script is executed with the appropriate parameter. Howe
  7. i think filemaker is made by apple. so its doubtful that they would support android/windows mobile devices. Im personally an android fan, so I would appreciate it if filemaker added support for other mobile platforms. But like I said, seems unlikely.
  8. So you were using LineItem:lineItemFlag instead of the stop field in the calculation. set the flag field calculation to: If ( IsEmpty(LineItems::stop) ; "Off" ; "On" ) or something like that, if you dont want the Off. Good Luck with your solution! Gabe
  9. Depending on the nature of the names of your groups you might just need to specify the right criteria for a Perform Find script step. For example if your groups range from 1 to 10 and you want to search all the groups between 5 and 8 you could specify the find to search for the range of 5 to 8 (which looks like this 5...8 when you specify the operator).
  10. could you just go to the first object within the body that is below the first subsummary? you could also put some kind of label/button at the top and go to that object instead? depends if you want to edit some field within the subsummary part or just view it.
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