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  1. Hi Mike, You talk about the Academic Years, but show a field called CompanySort in your script sequence. What is this? For training in FileMaker, check out the FileMaker Training Series. They are a great resource. As for doing a multiple criteria Find, if you want an AND Find (As in you only get classes in the year 2014-2015 and type "class") you set all the fields with the values you want to Find. If you want to perform an OR Find (As in you get classes in the year 2014-2015 and also classes of type "class"), you must use New Record/Request to make a new request for each crite
  2. Odd stuff. Have you tried exporting to the Documents path and see if that resolves it? Just as a test. In addition, could it be you do not have a compatible program to open the file?
  3. Yes, that's it. Thank you. I have not used Export Field Contents to execute a VBScript before. I suggest rather export your VBScript to the file location and then run a Send Event using that location as such: "wscript.exe "& $VBSFilePath
  4. I have a vbscript which is executed by an export script What I am asking for is that export script above. What does it contain?
  5. Ah phooey. Ok can you show us the entire Export script that you use to call the VBscript? Could give us some clues.
  6. Set objDoc = objWord.Documents.Open( 'C:Dernier & Hamlyn Sales DatabaseTemplatesStandard Order Acknowledgement.doc',,False) Try taking out that optional parameter False. It could be that you are setting the Visible attribute to false in that above statement. Hope this helps -JohnAustin
  7. Hi Ryan, I don't believe there will be a problem with installing Pro on the Server machine. Josh's reply relates to the installation process for FileMaker Server. Always close open Pro/Advanced applications during the installation process. Also, if you plan to use FileMaker Pro for debugging purposes in addition to opening the backups, grab Advanced instead. Hope this helps -JohnAustin
  8. Hi etsmarines, Have you checked out the Print Setup script step? Make your own Print script and call that script step to specify your A3. I hope this helps -JohnAustin
  9. I have not heard of that particular issue, but I have heard of issues with Outlook integration with FileMaker. I wish I had the source on hard, but sadly I do not. It had to do with Outlook 64 bit version having trouble integrating with FileMaker. I would check to see if you are using 64 bit and try using a trial of 32 bit and if that resolves your issue. Hope this helps -JohnAustin
  10. In addition to what BruceR said, I would change: BETWEEN ? AND ? to a."Invoice Date" <= ? AND a."Invoice Date" >= ? Hope this helps
  11. Thanks for answering my questions. If you are planning to eventually move to WebDirect, please take a look at this chart and evaluate where you would be: If you will only be at 6 concurrent WebDirect users at most, you will be able to get by with a single machine. However, if you think you will go beyond that, you will need a second machine and should plan accordingly. Number of FileMaker WebDirect concurrent users RAM CPU 1-6 Second machine is not required, install on database server 7-16 8 GB 4-Core 16-26
  12. A few questions for you: 1. How wide of an area will your users occupy? Is this within the same city or across the country? 2. How will the users access the FileMaker solution? via GO or FileMaker Pro on a computer or WebDirect? 3. You most likely have already estimated this into your budget, but is the $2K for the machine only? As you will also need to pick up FileMaker licenses as well. Windows is better than Apple in my opinion as Server gives you a wealth of information for Server Management. However, if you are more comfortable with Apple, you can stick with that. With 20-30
  13. Hi mhburris, Can you show the script for emailing this document? Such as how you are constructing the file path? hbrendel is correct. This usually means the filepath is not correctly formed, or the file is currently opened and locked by a user. There have also been issues with FileMaker 13 and older version of Acrobat Reader. That is also something to check out, but I think showing us your script will be the best first step.
  14. I tried going through your solution to understand what you were doing. I think I may be misunderstanding what is exactly going on with some of your calculations: Unique Character Totals comes up with 690 for August 26, 2014. This seems like a lot of unique characters for a single scene. Can you expand on these calculations?
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