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  1. Hi Steve, Thank for your reply. My database is for an event organisation. It's has on 3 bases (see image fm3): Planning ID_Planning Date Hour ... Object ID_Object a taks a spectacle Contact ID_Contact name email The intermediate bases are linking the bases together by a simple relation. Intermediate between planning and object will link the ID_Planning with the ID_Object Intermediate between object and contact will link t
  2. Hello, I've a difficult problem. I have serval linked bases BASE 1 = Planning (red) intermediate base Planning_Objects (dark green) BASE 2 = Objects (blue) intermediate base Object_Contacts (pale green) BASE 3 = Contacts (mauve) The 3 base are linked together as follow: BASE1 ---> intermediate base (relation = id_planning <> id_objet) ---> BASE2 ---> intermediate base (relation= id_object <> id_contact) ---> BASE3 For some reason i need a field (or to create a record) that unique between base 1 and b
  3. Great, Thanks a lot. This is working perfect. I was looking for a solution that was to complicated. Super. And thanks a lot for your help. Filip
  4. Hi, I've got a strange problem. I created a table with: NamePerson = TEXT field Date = DATE field HoursWorking - NUMBER field Sector = TEXT field Year = CALCULATION field based on DATE Month = CALCULATION field based on DATE TOTAL Number of Hours = SUMMARY field (=Total of HoursWorking) With these field I create a Layout: 4 sub-summery parts: Year Person Month Sector 1 Body Part: Day The Body part shows the field: HoursWorking On the sub-summery parts are showing all the field: TOTAL Number of Hours. I would like to create a field that calculates the percentage
  5. I found this sollution on the internet, but I can't figure out how to do it. Can some help me? Create a Value-List in FileMaker from an unstored calculation field Normally when ever we are trying to create a Value-List using the values from an unstored calculation field, FileMaker shows a message that says "The Value-List will not work because the field can not be indexed". If we ignore that message and the Value-List gets created then most of the time it will not display any value if used in a drop-down list.. But there is a simple way to overcome this situation. Just create a relati
  6. Hi, this is the first base here I store all my contracts it's linked to an external base contact (in yellow) here i need a value list showing: Company & Full Name (image: base1.gif)   This is the second base where the tables contacts (ochre) an company (green) are defined. The value list is a combination of the company (out of the company table) and the name (out of the contact table)  Apparently this is not possible because i can't index a calculated field  (image: base2.gif)  Txk, Filip
  7. Hi, I've have a database with 3 tables a// contract (all contract per clients) b// client base (all personal info of the client) c// company base (the company information) in the client base I created a calculation field: Company:CompanyName & Name this last field i need to use as a value list in the contract base but it won't allow me because i can't index it how can i find a solution for this problem? I've tried a lot, but i can't solve it Is someone able to help me? Thank you very much Filip Langenbick
  8. Thanks John, I already tried it, but no success. Actually I would like to avoid creating new fields in the original table. The original talble is the actual budget The external tables are: 1// Actual cost per month of the same year of the budget 2// Actual cost of the previous years Thanks, Filip
  9. Hello, does anyone know how to create a summary field (sum in my case) of a field in an external table (budget cost in my case). i tried to create the summary field in the external table, but it won't work in the original table does anyone has any idea?? thank a lot, Filip
  10. Thanks Lee, @ mr vodka not sure to understand, but i would love to evoid to make a new field in the original talbe The original table has a budget in the related tables are the real cost stored i need to compare those two tables of course i could put everything in one table but that make it more complicated because i'm storing a least 10 years Filip
  11. Hi, I have a database for budget control ID Name_budget_line Amount Every budget_line has 3 titles Ex: Budget 1 - Subtotal Expenses - Subtotal Salaries - Subtotal Salarie 1 - Amount Salarie 2 - Amount Salarie 3 - Amount I create a subtotal (=Sum of Amount) and this works fine in every sub-summary part. I made a extern file the same fields ID Name_budget_line Amount TOTAL=Sum of Amount Linked the 2 tables but the TOTAL summery field doesn't work the same anymore. It doesn't give me the totals per group but only for the last line. Does anyone have any idea
  12. I'hoped to evoid this option but thanks, Filip
  13. Hi, I created a dynamic value list to class my contacts. I can add per contact a parent and a child classification (I call this a group) This classification is added in a portal, so I can choose more than one group per contact. The dynamic value list: first parent and than the children due to the choosen parent work fine. But only in browe mode. It won't work in find mode. Does anyone know about this problen or could help me. That woult be great, Thanks in avance, Filip
  14. Hi Baily, I'm not sur to understand you. I'll try to explain better For exemple: Contact 1 (portal choice) > group 1 > group 2 > group 3 Contact 2 (portal choice) > group 1 > group 2 Contact 3 (portal choice) > group 2 > group 3 I would like to find the contact that are in Group 2 AND Group 3 = Contact 3 & Contact 1 Impossible to create a second line in the portal to find this combination. Filip
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