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  1. Thanks Fitch, I made a new layout and new portal, even new relationship. Now we have the dreadful "once in a while" followed by "sometimes". Oh well - will have to work without dropdown calendar.
  2. FM 17 I have a tracking log in the form of a portal where we enter data of shipments. Date input is drop down calendar. No problem. There is also a field to keep track when the shipment comes back. Date field with drop down calendar. The input on the first portal row goes instantly. The input in the other portal rows is only after 3 to 5 seconds. The drop down calendar stays visible for the given time (3 to 5 seconds) Removing the drop down calendar from the field and doing the input manually, instantly. Any idea? There is nothing complicated not fancy.
  3. Sorry, not very well explained... I generate PDFs from the Win Machines and save them in a folder on the server, which is a Mac. Is the path then filewin:/ because I save from a Win computer or filemac:/ because I save to a Mac
  4. Hi, Server is Mac with El Capitan and FMS 14 clients are all Windows machines. The path syntax to the server, should it be "Windows" or "Mac" fileWin:/..... or fileMac:..... TIA
  5. Oh shoot !! Even a space as last character gives problems. So the Trim() function has to come before the Proper. First Trim (remove not needed spaces) then Proper, then Substitute all weird combinations
  6. Now I understand. (the FM Help is not very clear about this) Thanks Comment, I appreciate.
  7. Thanks Comment. I stumbled over some other forms of "writing". S. A. DE C. V. and S.A de C.V. (and some other weird combinations) I suppose I have to add a Substitute part as: [ "S. A. DE C. V.§" ; "sa de cv" ] ; [ "§" ; "" ] to make it work ?
  8. For some fields I use the Proper() function to return the first letter of each word as uppercase, and that works. Only, when there is "sa de cv" at the end of the text (all upper case or mixed), it should be/stay as "sa de cv". Is there a clever calc to put the text in Proper(), except that part, that has to be all in lower case ? I tried several combinations Proper()/Lower()/Substitute with no success, except knowing what is not working. So it is not all wasted time....
  9. Thank you all for the reactions. I installed FM 14 on a Win 7 machine and there it works. On my Win 8.1 not...but... after the update to 14.0.2 in works in the calc engine, but still not in the text note in the relationship graph. I can live with that. Glad it works again in the calc engine.
  10. Hi, working in FM 14 Adv Calc engine [Win]. Till FM13 I could indent lines with Ctrl + Tab What is the key combination in FM 14 ? Or is that not possible anymore.... TIA JM
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