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  1. I have a request from a colleague in the office to be able to search for records that only have a specific checkbox or checkboxes activated in a global field derived from a value list. Therefore ignoring those that have additional or other boxes checked. So far I have played with the following script. I'm typing this from memory so haven't added in error capture etc. Set Field ($search ; "==" & client::interests) Note. client::interests is selected by the user from checkbox options Enter FInd Mode [ ] Set Field (client::interests ; $gsearch) Perform Fi
  2. Nakizimbo, This is part of iOS 9. To turn it off go to settings, keyboards and then turn off shortcuts. You might be able to use the new FM Go 14 script steps Show/Hide Menubar and Show/Hide Toolbars to ban it if required.
  3. Hi I have created a script that will evoke a Dialog box and also using the beep script. So far under testing the Dialog box is only appearing if I remain in Filemaker Go 14. If I am reading an email in Mail the user will not get a notification pop up. I have seen script steps to Mail something or with the iPhone to call someone. Where are the scripts that connect to other Apple app like creating events in Calendar and reminders in Reminders All iOS 8. They must be somewhere, I must be looking in the wrong place. Thanks
  4. Making solutions work!

  5. Yes I have used conditional formatting on my MAC version of Filemaker to create the iPad database but the script trigger is not working when I test on my iPad Air. On the last Pop-up I have put an OnObjectModify script trigger. The script associated to the trigger is Go to Object [Object name: "Button Name"] It works on the Mac but not on the iPad. It just ignores the trigger and goes directly to the first Tab. I have added a file to show the problem. Popup Tigger issue.fmp12.zip
  6. Hi All, I'm in the process of designing a Filemaker Go 13 solution for my company. One of the layouts has six questions which the relevant response in Pop-over menus. I have also set the tab order which opens the next questions Pop-over answer options. Once the last question has been answered I'd like to highlight a button.I realise that the tab order for iOS does not recognise buttons. I have tried to use the following with no success. Script Trigger on last question field: OnObjectModify with script GoTo Object naming the button I would like to highlight At the moment the
  7. Hi! I have a client database with two tables: Client, Contacts. Each client can have many contacts attributed to it but each client can have only 1 'Key Contact' which I would like to show in a list format based upon the Client table. What I have tried to create is a simple check box on the new contact layout to highlight which contact is the key contact and then be able to show that key contact field on the client list layout. As a newbie I can't determine if this requires a search, a validation to ensure no two related contacts have the 'key contact' field checked, or something alo
  8. Hi Pixi! Thank you very much for the file. I totally understand how you have put it together and the associated code. Zab
  9. Hi Pixi!  Thanks for your help. I'm afraid I have a few very newbie questions. I don't understand 'oList', 'param' and can I add this script as a perform script under the button setup?  I've added a few screen shops to show what I've tried.  Thank you  Zab  Â
  10. I have one layout with 3 'Tabs' - Client, Contacts, Achievements. For context, a client can have many contacts (portals used here) and likewise with Achievements. Each of these 3 'Tabs' has a separate layout to create a new record. This is all to be used on an iPad so if anyone has any better ideas I'd be really interested to know your thoughts. I would like to use one '+' button in the HEADER, as opposed to a button on each 'Tab', to add a new record which would go to a specific layout to create the new record. I can't seem to find a script that will give me the 'NAME' of the 'Tab' which
  11. The database currently has a container field using the GetMap custom function ( this same function can be found in the FM12 starter solutions). However, I am trying to find a method that will keep the map visible when the iPad in not connected to wifi. Ideally it would be great if the map automatically updated when one of the address fields was to be changed. Anyone any ideas would be VERY appreciated. Zab
  12. Yes Eos I'm trying to integrate GetMap and if possible find a solution that will allow me to save a map.
  13. Name & Parameters: GetMap ( webViewerName ; zoom ; address1 ; address2 ; city ; state ; postalCode ; country ) Description: Appologies if I have put this in the incorrect format. I have tried to import the GetMap custom function from the Filemaker 12 Contact sample database. I have fiddled with several fields and setting to no avail. I'm using FM 12 pro advanced. My aim is input the address, a map appears then remains with or without internet connection. Ideally would only update when the address is changed. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Recursive: ? Sample Input:
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