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  1. I think everyone is misunderstanding OPs question. I have the same one with a different context. I added a calculation field that is now updating for every record in my table--and it's going to take several hours. Only problem is I realized almost immediately that I needed to add something else to the calc field. But I can't stop the current processing. No way to cancel, not even a stop button for me in this case. Can't get into layout mode to switch layouts...etc. I think that's why OP is suggesting it's a bug. A developer should be able to stop a process, especially if it is calculating in error.
  2. oh my god....yes. I hadn't considered that, but there was a trailing white-space character after the Yes value. thanks for pointing out the obvious!
  3. Hi everyone. Strange behavior happening with my script that I can't determine the source of: I have a dropdown list on my Loans layout that triggers a script. The dropdown TEXT field is set to a simple Yes or No, and when changed, triggers this script. At the beginning of my script, I pass the value of the dropdown field to a variable "$returned". It correctly receives the selected value. And the value correctly matches that of the field Loan Sale::Returned. However, when I go to test the variable, or even the original field-- If($returned="Yes") or by testing If(Loan Sale::Returned = "Yes) --it does not validate. I even use a Show Custom Dialog box with the values of both $returned and Loan Sale::Returned, and both appear as "Yes". The field is definitely set to Text, and I even tried GetAsText($returned) to see if that would = "Yes" but it doesn't pass the test. I tried passing a Commit Records step at the beginning of the script in case there was a cached value, but this didn't solve anything either. The screenshots show the valuue being "Yes", and then I proceeded to Step-Into the statement and you can see it skips over without returning true. Thanks for the help, Ryan
  4. I'm trying to incorporate a Set Time and Get Time component to my webviewer, which currently plays video. I want to be able to jump to certain times in the video, based on what we enter. So if a certain dialog starts at 3:04, we can click on that story and the video will skip ahead. Can't seem to get any form of script to work within the web viewer, but this is what I'm going for: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml5_av_prop_currenttime though a more advanced and ideal set-up would be this: https://www.developphp.com/video/JavaScript/Video-Player-Custom-Controls-Programming-Tutorial I'm having no luck with either. Any advice?
  5. apinrise

    FMP13 cannot load local file in web viewer

    I found this as a solution: http://cimbura.com/tech/2010/12/24/filemaker-web-viewer-dynamic-image-resizing/
  6. apinrise

    FMP13 cannot load local file in web viewer

    Apparently turning off 'automatically encode URL' was the issue! An hour of googling and a simple checkbox resolves the problem. Thank you! Now, any idea of how to adjust the size? The tutorials i've found provide solutions for remote URLs, but I can't get them to work with the Local files.
  7. Running Filemaker Pro 13 on Mac OS X 10.10.5 I found some earlier posts on this issue, and many suggest to open the file in Safari and copy the location URL, but that isn't working for me. I keep getting "The requested URL was not found on this server." error in the Web Viewer field. Seems like this should be a fairly straightforward use case right? Alternatively, if someone knows how to allow an image to scale to fit horizontally in a container to allow for vertical scrolling, that's what I'm trying to do with the web viewer. Thanks, Ryan
  8. apinrise

    Header contents not showing on certain layouts

    Problem solved: Lee, you were right to think it was a relationship issue. The reason why the menu was not loading for only some of the records in the Exhibitions layout is because the relationship was through the portal items...and on Exhibition records that had no Photo records attached, there was no connection to the Menu table. As for the Contacts layout, the problem there was that I was trying to connect to the original table occurrence, when the second is what I needed. Thanks for your suggestions.
  9. apinrise

    Header contents not showing on certain layouts

    Of course! I will try that and let you know if it works. If it is a relationship issue, though, your suggestion would not fix that, so that can at least help me narrow down the issue.
  10. apinrise

    Header contents not showing on certain layouts

    So far it is working out fine. She (the programmer) was hired to do a large re-design, and is aware that we would take over once we reached our budget. eos, although I like your idea, I do need the header for several layouts that we do need to print.
  11. apinrise

    Header contents not showing on certain layouts

    We have a limited budget for the database. I'm trying to take on some of the less-critical things, and smaller scripts. This one just stumpped me.
  12. apinrise

    Header contents not showing on certain layouts

    Thanks Barbara. Here's a bit more information. Â So yes, we do have a multi-file solution. We recently hired a FM programer to create an interface "Launch Pad", so to speak, that acts as a central layout referencing data in the other files. I'll attach a screenshot of that. It's a very old FM system and I've inherited the mess. A longterm goal is to combine the separate files into a single file, but they are quite complicated, and it will take some time to determine what is actually being used and what isn't. But, I digress. Â I do have a a portal-based menu and it is in the header part of the FM layout, yes. The layout that isn't loading the portal contents is the Contacts layout. And sometimes, in the Exhibitions layout, certain records will not show the header either. Â How it should look: Â How it sometimes looks on the exhibitions screen: Â How it always looks with "contacts": Â ER diagram: Studio Revamped.pdf
  13. I have a FMP file that loads various other FMP databases into a single file. In my header, I have a logo and a portal-based menu that links to layouts that load data from those individual files. For all other layouts (photographs, boxes, exhibitions..etc) everything works fine, but with Contacts, the header contents will not appear. Similarly, the Photographs layout loads an image and title information from the Images database file. Again, the header contents will not load until I have entered the ID# from the Images database. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Thanks in advance, Ryan
  14. apinrise

    Creating reports from multiple tables

    Hey Matthew, thanks for the advice, but I'm perplexed. The ARCUST01 table tracks payments, but not both incoming and outgoing though. There is a DISBURSE table that handles payments to consignors, while the former tracks whether or not (and how much) a customer has paid towards their invoice of purchased items. So, you're suggesting the issue is that they are not together in one table? I tried creating a summary field, with a running total in LINEITEMS to calculate when I sort by CUSTID, but could not get it to work. The sub-summary section would only show the last transaction, not a summary of them all. (Do I really need to apply payments to the line items directly, or can it just go to the invoice as a whole? That is how the old database was handling it.) I'm concerned, since this is pretty much a direct copy of the old database, that there is something more significant creating these problems. Such as, a relationship error, or something like that.
  15. Hi Everyone, this is my first post here, but it seems this community is really dedicated to providing helpful feedback. I thought you might be able to help me with my problem. Â I am helping my employer move from his old database (FoxBase) to a new filemaker system. I managed to extract all of the data and structure of the old database, normalize it (to some extent) and have re-created this in FileMaker and successfully imported all the data. Â That was the easy part. I have a bit of experience with php/mysql so perhaps my understanding of retrieving data is a bit different from how filemaker treats it, but I cannot for the life of me figure this one out. Â I am trying to create a "consignors report" which pulls data from a lot of the tables in the system. Normally, I would do a SELECT * FROM to get this information, or at least that is how I conceptualize the process of obtaining data. More specifically, in order to get a "sales to date" value, I need to get the sum of all consigned items from a consignor that appear on an invoice...For "sales for which I have not been paid" I would think that I could find those items on unpaid invoices. It isn't obvious how to do this sort of thing with FileMaker, and I'm a bit stuck in my thought process and can't get past thinking of reports in terms of SELECT and FROM. How can I pull (and calculate) data from various tables into one report? All of my efforts have come up short. Â I have a screenshot of what I want to achieve in the end, and there is also a screenshot of my ER diagram. Â Thanks in advance for any suggestions, and I hope I have explained well enough. Â

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