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  1. That's a good idea. Any way to keep it simpler though and just stick to a simple drop-down? I guess this means the ERD is set-up accurately then?
  2. I'm getting the ol' "There cannot be more than one relational path between any two tables in one graph." alert. The main set-up of my database is to track Prints and Image. Images are the parent record and they can have multiple Print children. I have also created a table of Groupings, where I can group Prints and Images together, for an exhibition idea--so both Prints and Images can be grouped. Since Prints and Images can belong to multiple Groupings, and Groupings can have multiple Images and Prints, I have set-up a join table. The problem is, from the main Images
  3. That could be. I'll keep that in mind the next time something like this occurs. Thank you so much for thinking through this with me. I doubt I could have resolved it without the input.
  4. Okay I figured it out but I'm now concerned about a more significant glitch: The field for c_Img in my original file didn't show having a value for "Hide object when" (for me) and neither did the ">go to original" link, yet both of them were disappearing from the portal when the now-invisible value returned true. I deleted the ">go to original" link object and added it again and now it shows! Same with c_img! It's as though the "Hide object when" attribute was stuck with the original value even though it was showing as removed.
  5. You're right...in the file I sent you it does now work. I don't understand what the difference would be. The original with all the records is set-up the exact same way, I just removed the extra records and created a few fake ones for you to test--but the names are the same so I'm not sure why one would work but not the other...
  6. Ohhh I was SO hoping that was it, but after removing the "Hide object when" value it still appears blank. Did it work for you?
  7. Yes, let me know if you need more than this: dbtest.fmp12
  8. Hmm. The Exhibitions layout is correct, and the portal is the join table, and each of the fk fields point to their respective related tables. I've checked that the connecting fields are of the same type (all Text fields). Any clues on what else it could be?
  9. It is a calculation field with a container result: If ( printsVIAexhib::Print Thumbnail ; printsVIAexhib::Print Thumbnail ; originalVIAexhib::Original Thumbnail )
  10. I have a table Exhibitions for photographic prints. Sometimes we only know the unique number of the Image in the print, other times we know the Image No. and the Print No., and some times we only know the Print No.. (Images have multiple prints, prints only come from a single Image.) We have a join table to connect Exhibitions with Prints and also with Images. There are two fields in our join table fk_PrintNo and fk_ImageNo. When there is a PrintNo. value in the portal row, the c_Thumb field of the join table gets the thumbnail from the Print record, and if there isn't a PrintID but
  11. oh my god....yes. I hadn't considered that, but there was a trailing white-space character after the Yes value. thanks for pointing out the obvious!
  12. Hi everyone. Strange behavior happening with my script that I can't determine the source of: I have a dropdown list on my Loans layout that triggers a script. The dropdown TEXT field is set to a simple Yes or No, and when changed, triggers this script. At the beginning of my script, I pass the value of the dropdown field to a variable "$returned". It correctly receives the selected value. And the value correctly matches that of the field Loan Sale::Returned. However, when I go to test the variable, or even the original field-- If($returned="Yes") or by testing If(Loan Sale::Retu
  13. I'm trying to incorporate a Set Time and Get Time component to my webviewer, which currently plays video. I want to be able to jump to certain times in the video, based on what we enter. So if a certain dialog starts at 3:04, we can click on that story and the video will skip ahead. Can't seem to get any form of script to work within the web viewer, but this is what I'm going for: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml5_av_prop_currenttime though a more advanced and ideal set-up would be this: https://www.developphp.com/video/JavaScript/Video-Player-Custom-Cont
  14. I found this as a solution: http://cimbura.com/tech/2010/12/24/filemaker-web-viewer-dynamic-image-resizing/
  15. Apparently turning off 'automatically encode URL' was the issue! An hour of googling and a simple checkbox resolves the problem. Thank you! Now, any idea of how to adjust the size? The tutorials i've found provide solutions for remote URLs, but I can't get them to work with the Local files.
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