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  1. What userid are you using in your dsn? is it windows authentication or specified? If you have a separate userid, try connecting directly to SQL using it with SQL Studio. That way you can rule out SQL Permissions. I know I had to set connect permissions on SQL.
  2. I am having the same problem. FileMaker displayed perfectly with version 12 no matter what the user did to the screen resolution. Now in 13, it appears to "Listen" to that setting and users with new laptops running windows need to put it at 125% so they can read their email and word, etc. But FM completely resizes.. Why??? Is there a fix to this?
  3. Reviewed the rule in the IIS ReWrite .... Changed the rule I created to an INBOUND rule and all is well ... Sheesh.
  4. NVM I figured it out ... Helps to create an InBound Rule instead of an Outbound Rule ....
  5. I have posted this in General Support ... trying here.  I am supposed to be moving our current FileMaker installation to a new Server.  I have installed FileMaker Server 13 without any issue.  I am trying to install SuperContainer with FileMaker Server ( option 2 )  The installer does not work. It says: Can't find FileMaker.  I then followed the manual installation instructions and copied the SuperContainer folder to c:program filesfilemakerfilemaker Serverweb publishingpublishing-enginejwpc-tomcat  I have also added the rule to IIS, although I did not see any Append
  6. I am moving our current FileMaker installation to new servers.  I have installed FileMaker 13 without issue.  I am trying to install SuperContainer with FileMaker Server ( Option 2 )  The Installer does not work. It says:  it can't find FileMaker. I followed the Manual instructions and copied the SuperContainer folder to C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginejwpc-tomcat  I also added the rule, although I did not see an option to click on "Append"  I've attached a screen shot of the rule config.  When I run //localhost/SuperContainer i
  7. We have a PDF that holds a paragraph of text ( because I couldn't get the single word to merge nicely) In my FM Script I apply some text formatting to text. I can see in FM that the formatting was done correctly. Writing that field using scribe to the PDF results in just plain text. Is this a being done by Scribe or the PDF. (the field in the PDF is set to Multi-Line and to accept rich-text)
  8. Thanks for the post Gjermund I'm not too worried about the layout field. I can force it's display to be correct. If I tell scribe to send an int, the single decimal appears on the acrofield even though the acrofield is formatted with 0 decimals. This may very likely be an issue with acrobat ... I'm not sure. In any event, I'm avoiding the issue by having a second copy of the field on the PDF which is hidden. It will contain the numeric one used for calculation on the PDF.
  9. Hi .. I am using Scribe to populate a PD with Acrofields. One is a numeric field with defined with 0 decimals and a comma. ie. 15,000 It is used in a calculation, so it can't be defined as text. If I manually enter the number using 15000, the field displays as expected ... 15,000 In FileMaker, the database field that will populate the field is also numeric. If I simply use ScribeDocWriteValue( "field", $value ) The result in the PDF field is 15000.0 If I use ScribeDocWriteValue( "field", int($value) ) I get the same result. If I change the database so the field is Text, S
  10. Thanks Ray .... I swear I tried that ... but guess not as it works. Maybe it was just the end position I tried.
  11. Thanks ... we have all that covered, our end does not fail. The Internet for the user actually disconnects ... crappy location. Could also be an array of other situations. The fields they are typing in involve long and drawn out reports that amount to over an hours work. The crux of this thread is the ability to position the cursor into the middle of existing text.
  12. Sure ... Set Variable [$position; Value:Get(ActiveSelectionStart)] if[$$timerField = "MyField"] Set Field [file::MyField; file::MyField] Commit Records/Requests[] Set Selection [file::MyField; End Position: $position; End Position: $position] end If
  13. Hi ... I can't get to work what I think should be something very simple. Our users write large fields of text. Several times they've complained because they've lost an hour of typing (medical report) Filemaker connectivity has been lost. Usually a power outage or VPN issue. I've tried to get them use to clicking outside the field and then back into the field to commit the data but I continue to hear "Why can't it autosave? Just like Word" .... Well ... I created a timer script that gets launched by an OnObjectEntry trigger. It then waits 60 seconds and then gets the curso
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