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  1. I mean, in a "Projects" layout, that have "Project Name" and "Year" fields, for example: Record 1: Project Name: "Project A", Year: "Year1" Record 2: Project Name: "Project A", Year: "Year2" Record 3: Project Name: "Project B", Year: "Year1" Record 4: Project Name: "Project B", Year: "Year2" What privileges I must change (or do scripts ) to make that an user can only see all the records for "Project A" ? and have no access for all the records from any other Project ?
  2. The DataBase file is on a external server, I don't have acces to it.
  3. Sorry. I forgot to say that there is no number on that calculation field. For example, type info in first field that have number 1 in order, then it takes me to the second field that have the number 2 and I type the info for that field, then the 3rd, 4th, but after it takes me to the field number 5 in order and start to type any character, it takes me to the calculation field and appears the "unmodifiable field", I close that message and continue typing another character on the field 5 and the message appears again, then takes me to the calculation field, and the same again and again. As I said, there's no order number for that calculation field.
  4. FM11 Starting with the first tab, I fill the field with the required information, then it takes me to ne next field in order, but after a nth field in order, the "unmodifiable field" message appears, where is the error ?
  5. I can open DataBases on FM 11 on my windows pc and other people on the same office's network can open remote files on FM12 on their Mac's, that means that the port 5003 is open, what any other problem can be ?
  6. How many users can install and use a FileMaker Multi-License ? (Moving this to the right forum doesn't solve my question)
  7. Im using FIleMaker Pro 12 Advanced on Virtual Windows on VirtualBox in a Ubuntu machine, and if I try to open remote it doesn't shows the user login window. The server is from triple8.net The ports are ok for both Ubuntu and Virtual Windows, even I include all of this TCP and UDP ports only just in case: 80, 2399, 5003, 5013, 5015, 16000, 16001, 16004, 16006, 16008, 16010, 16012, 16014, 16016, 16020, 16021 and 50003 but still doesn't open. The ip is ok, it works well by iwp on any browser and FileMaker 12 on other computers on the same network. Wich can be the problem ?
  8. Good point, I'll check it later with the network administrator, thanks.
  9. Well, this database is hosted on a triple8 server, and works fine on FMP 12 Advanced, but doesn't on FMP 12.
  10. Sorry modulators if this isn't the right forum for this topic. Trying to open remote on FM Pro 12, adding the server ip, and clicking on the server name, doesn't open the user sign-in window, what is the problem ? The server (triple8) is ok, I open it via web browser and works fine.
  11. The server is OK, I try opening on web browser and it's fine, but I try to open it via FileMaker Pro 12, add the same server ip on Favorites, but when i click on the server name, doesn't open the user log in window. Which can be the problem?
  12. False alarm, I just remembered that OnRecordCommit exist, sorry
  13. I have a script to print a record, but I need to check if the record was printed it can't be printed again, also if somebody make changes to that record, it can be printed.
  14. Sorry if "Portals" is not the correct forum for this question (For some users, that's better important than help us) maybe belongs to Scripts I have a layout with some portals to calculate a Statement, and I want to have scripts to add new portal row to an especific portal. The original layout is named "Enterprise" The portals shows info from "Statement" Table This is the script for the "Sales" Portal on "Enterprise" layout: Set variable [$StatementID; Value Enterprise::Statement_ID] Go to Layout ["Statement" (Statement)] New Record/Request Go to Layout (Original) Go to portal row [Last] Set Field [statement::id_edo_result; $StatementID] it works, but not so well, starts from "date" field if I make another script for "Costs" Portal with "Costs" field, it returns a new portal for the "Sales" Portal how can I to do it for each one ? This is the file, I can't attach it https://www.dropbox.com/s/okceur6b6cdl6ua/Estado-Resultados%20%28copia%29.fp7.rar?m
  15. Thanks eos, but that's not exactly what I need In Statements layout, I need, in mandatory, portals in wich i can add portal rows for each statement component, like in "Ventas" portal (Sales portal), add rows, the summary Field "Total ventas" sum all amounts from that portal, and that's the same for all portals, at the end of the statement, the last field "Utilidad Neta" is the Total Net Income. In Projects, I need a field that sums all it's Net incomes (sum of Net incomes from all statements corresponding to each project) and a portal that shows each statement with its corresponding id and Net income ("Utilidad Neta" Field) There's another problem (maybe because the incorrect relationships) I make a new record (Record 1) in Statements, but when I add another record (Record 2), it comes with data from Record 1 In portal on Project layout, there's a problem, if there are two or more satetements for a project, each one comes with a same net income, and not with the corresponding. Sorry, I don't know how to attach a file here, so I put another link for the file modifed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p6m6i3ckqpu0dq9/EstadoResultV2.fp7?m
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