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  1. Hello, everyone. I have a question. I have web viewer object named "web". If I start a script running, Every 5 seconds, it fetches the string from the HTML that is shown in the web viewer, and keeps creating new records. Just like this GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "web" ; "content" ) Then the target value always get refreshed every 5 seconds. javascript is just like this function updateLastvalue(new_last_value){ var current_last_value = $('.last-value').text(); var fixed_last_value = Number(new_last_value).toFixed(8); $('.las
  2. Thanks for introducing the custom function!!! This is what I wanted!!! Thanks so much! This SQL also looks useful!! Thanks for the advanced technique!!
  3. I'm using FileMakerPro Adv 13 Considering There are records like these below 1 Orange 2 Apple 3 Strawberry 4 Apple 5 Lemon 6 Apple 7 Orange 8 Melon I have a value lists called "TypeOfFruits" then If I execute this function Substitute(Substitute ( ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ); "TypeOfFruits"); "¶"; "n") ;" ";"") I get this output OrangenApplenStrawberrynLemonnMelon It is shown on a page just like this Orange Apple Strawberry Lemon Melon If I want to count all of them and want an output like this, how can I change my function above? (sorted b
  4. I' have a container field in my filemaker solution file. I can go to camera mode if I click it and chose camera when the container is empty. It allows me to take a picture within FileMaker solution but it won't let me switch to video mode even if i click on "video" while it's camera mode. Do I always need to take a video first before launching Filemaker solution then I have to chose "import > file" to insert video into the container field? Can't I do that all at once within FileMaker solution?
  5. I'm accessing Oracle Database Server via ODBC. Then I added three tables to FileMaker from Oracle DB. These tables are related such as below 1. Customer (customer_id) 2. Receipt (customer_id, receipt_id) 3. Item (receipt_id, item_id, item_name) note: Items belong to Recept, and Receipts belong to Customer. I built a portal in order to show the detail about when, and what a customer bought by reffering purchase history. Then here's a question. I'm on Customer Layout(showing all Customer records) In spite of the fact that the customer has purchased something before,
  6. I'm calling Oracle's Database through ODBC. It's working fine except speed. One table has over 100 million records. When I'm seeing this table in FileMaker, it takes forever to load its layout. How does everyone handle this kind of problem? note: Oracle Database Server is located at different location(500 miles away from this client)
  7. Thanks so much. You are right! I could access to ODBC by setting up 32-bit ODBC control panel! I didn't know that there are actually two control panels for both 32bit and 64bit. Thanks for an answer
  8. Now, I'm trying to connect to External Oracle DB Server via ODBC within LAN network. Everthing about setup is pretty much done, and I can see the full list of tables name when I try to add External database in relationship window. I'm almost there! I thought I'm fine so I w-clicked on the target table name but it shows just "ODBC error" It doesn't even describe any detail about what kind of the error is. WIth my SQL Plus, indeed I can connect to the Server. Is there anything that I'm still missing??? or Do I have to do something with Server side?? As long as I can access to Server with
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