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  1. I have a shutdown script where if you quit or close the last window, a dialog box comes up and asks if you really want to quit. Pressing "cancel" halts the script, pressing "continue" closes the last window and so quits Filemaker. I'm trying to figure out how to cause the script to continue and close the last window after a period of time (say, 10 seconds) if the user doesn't press anything at all. Script is: Open dialog that says "Close this last window? This will close dBase completely." If [ Dial_GetButton (DIALOGTEXT) = 2 ] >>Note: I use Troi Dialog<< Halt
  2. Hello. I'm using a web viewer to control and stream mp3s from our server. This works great on my Apple laptop - the mp3 loads along with a player and I can listen to and control playback. It also works fine on one of two Apple desktop machines. But on one Apple desktop machine the file downloads to the desktop instead of loading in the web viewer. I've checked my browsers, both my default browser (Chrome) and the standard web browser (Safari), and the URLs play in the browser in both cases. Neither one downloads the track. Is there a way to control this behavior within FM so that the mp3 plays
  3. Thank you, Wim! That is working for me. Michael
  4. Hi. I am trying to script the getting of some data from a website that has an API. I have BaseElementsPlugin and was given an example bit of code by the website: data = {'domain': domain, 'include_generic': True} headers = {'X-Api-Key': 'xyz123'} resp = requests.post('https://api.anymailfinder.com/v3.0/search/domain.json', data=data, headers=headers) I have never dealt with this kind of programming and am not even sure where this info would go or what script step(s) I would use to call this. Is this CURL? Are you aware of sample FM scripting that I
  5. And I see that Mr. Vodka credits you for coming up with this!
  6. Thanks, Fitch. First, #2: Yes, that's correct. I am using Mr. Vodka's technique. The SQL gathers the id's and sets a variable to that list, and the portal is set to sort on that global variable. #1: On all my other portals, I SELECT the id but ORDER BY another field. All of them work, and at the times they might not have (while experimenting with the calculations, for example), I never received an error; the records just failed to sort. On the above SQL statement, I always receive a "no records match your request" error, so the whole SQL statement seems to be problematic when including
  7. Thanks for the reply. The SQL statement is to populate a portal. I use the "id" field because I know it's never empty, but I could use any non-empty field, I think. I do this same SQL select and ORDER BY on 6 other portals, but those are simpler select statements without UNION or LEFT JOIN. Those all work perfectly, so it really seems to be something to do with the addition of UNION and/or LEFT JOIN. Just to be sure, I did try your suggestion, but I still get an error. I've also tried adding parenthesis: SELECT People.id FROM ( SELECT People.id FROM People etc… ) &
  8. Hi. I'm having trouble adding ORDER BY to an already working SQL statement. This statement works (the global variables are grabbed from two other looping scripts): SELECT People.id FROM People LEFT JOIN Companies ON People.id_Company = Companies.id WHERE " & $$peopleWHERE & " UNION SELECT id_People FROM DevPlayed LEFT JOIN DevInstruments ON DevPlayed.id_instruments = DevInstruments.id WHERE " & $$instrumentWHERE ; Adding the ORDER BY causes it to fail: SELECT People.id FROM People LEFT JOIN Compani
  9. Thanks, Kris. That seems like it will work. However, this need to fit on an existing layout so I can't use list view…
  10. I have the following tables: Projects --< Invoices --< Applied Payments >-- Payments On a Projects layout, I have a portal that show invoices, like so… 1. $500 INV2014333-001 2. $300 INV2014333-002 I would like to somehow create a list that nested payments from the Applied Payments table into that invoice list, like so… 1. $500 INV2014333-001 $250 received on 10/1/2014 (check #234) $250 received on 10/5/2014 (check #254) 2. $300 INV2014333-002 $300 received on 11/1/2014 (check #265) Ideally, the number of lines would be flexible so that
  11. Yes, you're correct. The calc was in the Projects table, not the ProjectsCreditsDebits table. Got it working now. Thank you!!
  12. Thanks very much, comment. I think I've almost got it, but still must have something wrong. I have three relationships: Projects --< ProjectsCredit >-- Projects Projects --< ProjectsDebit >-- Projects Projects --< ProjectsCreditDebit (using your List solution) (ProjectsCredit, ProjectsDebit, and ProjectsCreditDebit are the same table) On the Projects layout I have a portal to ProjectsDebitCredit. In the Projects table, I have a calculation that says: * * * * * Case ( id = Projects » ProjectCreditsDebits::id_ProjectsCredit; Projects » ProjectCre
  13. I have a table called Projects which has a dollar figure attached to it. I need to be able to debit an amount from one project and apply it as a credit to another project. I've created a relationship like so… Projects --< CreditsDebits > -- Projects where the CreditsDebits table has foreign id fields for "id_ProjectsCredit" and "id_ProjectsDebit" (both are the id field from Projects), as well as an "amount "field. I'd like to show credits and debits in a single portal on a Project layout. Is this possible? I know I can have two portals (one for credits and one for debits), bu
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