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  1. Thanks Ryan I did figure it out. I used a second container field for all the page 2's for the groups of 4 records each in the found set. Turns out splicing won't work you loose all the field name references on the new file something to keep in mind in a case like this. Attached is the final output for those that are interested.
  2. Hi everyone. I have a complex used of Scribe I need a little help on. I have a two page PDF tax form page 1 has static company information on it and page two places for 4 peoples names. What I need to do is loop through a found set up records and for the first pass through 4 records fill out both pages and then after the first 4 use the ScribeSplice function to grab just the second page of the PDF and use it to fill out X number pages with 4 records each and then use the ScribeMerge function to merge that second page with the first one. Lets say I have 40 records the end result I need is
  3. Hi There, Â I am getting the following error (see attachment) on a new account in Authorize.net. Â It says the account has not been given permission to handle the request. Anyone know what this means? Â Thanks, Â Mark Lemm FileMaker Pro Custom Development Solution Sales and Consultation Over 20 years experience FileMaker Tech Net Member Learn more at www.lemmtech.com Â
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