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  1. Okay, our sales reps run in a weekly cycle starting on Wednesday. I need, regardless what date it is, to find all records from the Wednesday before through the next Tuesday. Oh, and only the current year except if the search is done early in January, it needs to go into prior year. I tried many things but still fail in the find but it fails. Added - I think it good to have a day of week in Admin in case this changes to different day. Then the find would use that day of week to jump back and ahead and find the records we need. Week of year seems to fail for me. I searched but still need help.
  2. Yep, Laretta, that is what I needed. Comment thank you also. Laretta showed that problem in demo file but I use find looking for text anywhere by surrounding with *.
  3. So person performs a find for part of the text they wish to find. The resulting display should bold just the part that they searched for in that field. I have tried to search for examples but don't even know what to search for. Hints would be appreciated. I think I need pattern count but that just gives me a number.
  4. Hi forum I have a form which prints fine. There is one form per record but now it has grown and is over a page. I want to make the layout taller but have it print onto next page. Do I need to create a new list report or can a form view print onto two pages? I am home and do not have printer to test it and be concerned if different printers used or print to pdf also so I seek experienced programmers input. It might be impossible.
  5. snozzles, you will not find a better more knowledge group of people to help you than right here. your frustrations are not their fault and I assure you that you would be much greater frustrated without their fabulous help. I meant to mention because it draw my attention to the post but your avatar is a bit mean. I might be scared to respond to you with that looking at me.
  6. Hello Comment, It would have been nice if they would have said it as clearly as you just said it. So 'multiple uncommitted records' is like if I modify the parent on the present layout and also modify a child record in a portal or even out of a portal just placed on the layout or even use script and Set Field over to a child table, e.g. 'multiple records' = parent plus child or children and not multiple parents like in a found set. It is coming clearer, thank you. And window transaction just means the current window aka layout window and the actions taking place in 'that window' from moment of opening a parent or child up by making a modification until moment of commit. They call that a 'transaction' which kinda fits what Todd Geist talks about in 'transactions.' Another thing it says there about "what makes a commit" is not quite right according to my testing but I have not tested on server yet and may be wrong. It says Data is committed when you "click anywhere outside of the current field" but when I tried it, clicking from one field into a different field does not commit at least data viewer still shows I have the record open. I realize I am only getting started with my understanding but this has made a huge difference already. Thank you too Wim. I had read you saying this before somewhere which is why I started this tread. I did not want to commit needlessly so that meant I need a better understanding so I did not continue my behavior of just committing when in doubt which was constantly. And Kris M, thank you as well. I have read help but not enough to remember this page. I appreciate the link.
  7. It is in the link presented by Kris M down in Notes, 3rd bullet point. Maybe it only applies to version 10. and only to Replace field contents or relookups. The phrase 'window transaction' threw me. And also multiple uncommitted records. Sorry I forgot to provide the source and I also took it out of context I think. The paragraph just was not very clear but that is just me I am sure.
  8. Hello Comment this is precisely what I read that shocked me and has made me regroup my question from committing only to both opening and committing. I do not think I will ever look at records the same way again. Thank you for that recommendation. It blew me away. ps I am studying that document until I know it thoroughly and everything else I can read. Everything. The more I know about Filemaker the more confused I become and the more I need to study it even more and it is a never ending spiral. One phrase that still puzzles me is this: If there are uncommited records in the window that are affected by the operation, these changes will be made using the windows transaction and remain uncommited until you choose to commit the changes following the completion of the operation. Does this mean that I can use a new window or Open record request and open a found set of records, locking them all even if I have not made changes to them? What does 'windows transaction' mean? Otherwise I am working through it okay but just a bit slowly. Never mind about multiple open records in a found set. I had meant to study this and figure out myself. But 'windows transactions' still has me confused so if you have a moment, I could use some clarification. Funny that I had been staring at page 74 when you posted. Maybe only multiple found records can be opened if Replace Field Contents or relookup. I'm still confused on some of that.
  9. I have not responded because as I test and study it I see that it is also as important that I understand what actions take possession of a record. I have a few questions lined up but as I test I may solve them myself. Example, I had read that scrolling a portal opens a record but it must have been an old thread because it no longer does according to what I am reading and what I have tested. Just so you know I appreciate all your responses a lot. One thing which currently struggles me is that a global field does not open a record EVEN IF TYPED INTO but if a regular field references the global and the regular field is auto-entry replace and I change the global value then that record might be opened but this is at present conjecture on my part because my results are not consistent if on server. I wanted to respond so you do not think I blew off your suggestions. It is just taking time. I am slow at this stuff.
  10. we went with option 3 by comment. I studied all suggestions and each taught me a lot so thanks guys.
  11. Not sure where to put this Sometimes I put a commit just because I do not know when it is not needed. Example, if I create a related record while on parent record by just using set field through to the child table and then I switch parent records, can I safely assume it has committed the child also? If I switch layouts to a different table, is the current parent committed automatically? Are there are guidelines to help me understand it? Maybe it does not hurt to commit just to be safe but I really want to understand it and not commit needlessly. thank you. btw, I searched for commit and was overwhelmed and most of it did not fit my request. If there are links which discuss it specifically I would be grateful.
  12. And again, Comment, I am grateful for your help and that works. I found http://www.filemaker.com/help/11/fmp/html/create_db.8.16.html but it doesn't mention empty fields are skipped either. It seems a glaring omission.
  13. Wow. Things like this are not in help and you explained it clearly. Thank you very much.
  14. I have a summary which is "Average of Amount" which gives incorrect value so I made a new file to figure it out. In my test I have 10 records in the found set which each holds a '1' in the Amount field except for one field which is empty. The result of this summary is 1. It should be .9. In Help I search for Summary and nothing comes up. It is not listed in functions reference and I found "Summary functions" but it only lists GetSummary. Ideas what I have wrong in this summary? thank you for reading
  15. Thank you Comment. Now I should have known this because I was using data viewer to enter the date manually and I knew the 65 must be in the year portion but I did it wrong I see. Good that I did because now I learn more but I have been scratching my head on this Year ( 1951 ) returns 6 Would you explain the 6 please? I did notice that Year ( 1951 ) + 65 ) and it says 12/19/0071 and that 71 - 65 equals 6 but that does not explain why.
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