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  1. Hi Guys, I've tried a few times too no avail to figure out a way to set the colour of some background objects within my db. Basically, I'm setting things up with a default color scheme, but would like to be able to customise the scheme based on the clients preferences. As I work primarily with Sports Organisations, they all have specific colours that they utilise, and it would be easier and far less time consuming for me if I could select a few colours (primary, secondary, tertiary colors) to allow for much quicker customisation of the db instead of going through the whole system an
  2. Thanks for the reply, but I was hoping that it would be possible to generate the entire journey, with the same origin and destination, and then create a URL that can be sent to the driver to give him the directions. I might go and have a look at the API, which I'm not very experienced in at all, and see if I can figure it out.
  3. I'm trying in vein to incorporate google map directions into Tim Dietrich's EasyMaps, and have tried about a dozen or more methods, none of which seem to work. Basically, I work with a not-for-profit that buses minors home after some after school activities, that typically finish around 11pm. To make life easy for the bus driver, I'm hoping to be able to generate the map with directions, and then email it directly to the bus driver, who opens it up on his smart phone, and follows the directions. As I said, I've tried a number of methods, and none of them are working for me. Being a
  4. Hi, So I've been using Tim Deitrich's fmEasyMaps Beta embedded in my file for a while now, and it works fantastically, I'm currently mapping over 3000 addresses. But my inner perfectionist has gotten the better of me, and now I'm wondering weather it's possible to add in directions using waypoints. The idea is that I want to do a few drop offs to multiple addresses in a local area, for kids after participating in a school activity that finishes around midnight. I saw this announcement HERE about EasyMaps, but have been unable to get anywhere since I can't find any place where t
  5. Re Multiple Cycles: I wasn't really sure where to add the Loop, but your comment gives me a few ideas Re Times: I may have missed a few points earlier on so I'll elaborate a bit more... Sorry We run all our competitions from a centralised ground, that is all games take place on one artificial Hockey Turf. As a result, there is no Home or Away designation, since there's no Home Ground Advantage. This is an example of the fixtures on any given round. Round # - Date: DD/MM/YY Game 1 - 15:00 - Alpha v Beta Game 2 - 16:30 - Echo v Delta Game 3 - Bye - Charlie So the calc
  6. I've made some progress... but have found myself stuck yet again. File Located Here I've made a few changes to the script from Comment's solution posted earlier in the thread, too fill in some extra details, Date, Match Results, Competition Ladders. So onto my Problems... 1. Game Time Assignments I've added in some steps that take from a list of times, no problems there. But the output of the calculation does not provide for a 'Balanced' Schedule. What is happening is that one of the teams, usually Alpha, ends up having all of the games in the earliest or latest allowable
  7. Comment... That file you have posted ticks all the boxes perfectly. Many Thanks. After having a quick look at the file, I was expecting something extremely complex, and difficult to follow, but that is just not the case. Par Excellence on Your Behalf. Again Many Thanks
  8. Let me first preface this by saying I am by no means an expert on Filemaker, more an enthusiast looking to save my small regional field hockey facility from purchasing an expensive shrink wrapped package. So... After searching high and low for a way in which to generate a sports leagues fixture, by using a combination of Custom Functions, Calculations and Scripting. I've also been working on my own to generate something that will get me closer to my goal. This forum post is VERY close, but I've come up with a few things that make for a little more flexibility. Also, the solution pos
  9. Sorry to say, I spoke a little too soon... When I realised, that given the usage for this CF, I will need those pesky 1 | 0 outputs to be included if the list of Values is Odd... But if it's even, then the 1 | 0 outputs need not be there... Any thoughts Comment?
  10. Brilliant... Works an absolute treat Many Thanks, from both myself, and the hole I was banging into the wall with my head
  11. I went back and had a look at the calculations, and went through a bundle of CF's on Brian Dunnings Site... This is what I am working with now, since it meets the requirement for two variables. I added in the If Function highlighted below Combine Values ( list1; list2; divider ) Let([$ƒCounter[1] = Case($ƒCounter[1]; $ƒCounter[1]; 1); $ƒCounter[2] = Case($ƒCounter[2]; $ƒCounter[2]; 1) ]; //end define Let Substitute( MiddleValues( list1; $ƒCounter[1]; 1 ); ¶; "" ) & divider & If ( MiddleValues ( list1; $ƒCounter[1]; 1) ≠ MiddleValues ( list2; $ƒCounter[2]; 1
  12. I've been trying to write a Custom Function that will give me a list of unique combinations between two occurrences of the same list. The nearest I've come is with this Function, using the following list as an example 1,2,3,4 ListCombinations ( listofValues ; separator ) Let([ listLength = ValueCount(listOfValues); lastValue = GetValue(listOfValues; listLength); lesserList = Case( listLength > 1; ListCombinations(LeftValues(listOfValues; listLength -1 ); separator); "") ]; Case( listLength = 0; ""; listLength = 1; RightValues(listOfValues; 1); /* Ensures ¶ at end */ lastValue &a
  13. I've done that before Martie, I'm really just looking for something that'll negate the need to remember the 'Ghost' option, which will also allow me to create x number of rounds, even if that means a round stops midway through, since there's only a limited number of weeks the competitions can go for before we MUST wrap things up in order to accommodate the finals.
  14. Thanks MartieH, I have used that solution, but ran into a few problems when it came to a league with an Odd Number of Teams. That being said, an Even number of teams works perfectly... I've found a bundle of solutions that are available in Python, but I just can't figure out how to convert those solutions into a Filemaker Script. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11245746/league-fixture-generator-in-python
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