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  1. I give up......just tried and no luck. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hi, was wondering if someone could please help. I want to have a drop down list with a list of products (value list?). When I choose a product I want the part # to appear in a field next to the description. There would be 20 lines on the sheet where I would like to have this happen, obviously with different part numbers, much like an invoice. I am stumped with relationships and could use a little help if possible. Thanks in advance, Jim
  3. yes. I just want to have a layout with the product number and the product description. When I pull down the product number field I want the corresponding description to pop up in the description filed. i.e. pull down a pop up menu and choose say 123456 and have it pop in a description of say "diet pepsi". I would overlay the fields on top of the scanned image of the form that is there. Thanks! I tried to use an existing database file that has relationships in it I don't need
  4. ok tried to upload the file with no records and I get "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" ok will try that File upload transfer.fp7.zip
  5. I can try. Last time I tried, it said I couldn't post that type of file
  6. Please, can anyone help with my problem above? Thanks in advance, Jim
  7. Ok I have everything...except I cannot figure out this part. Please, I hope someone can help. I want to be able to type a description of an item, say "pepsi" into a field and have it look up the part number from another table and fill it in in the "part number" field of the layout I am in. So....I type Pepsi into field "description" and a part number gets looked up and filled in in the field "part number". I just can't figure out the relationships and lookups to make it work right. Thanks once again for any assistance. Regards, Jim
  8. SORRY! I have everything working (looking up items and generating an email) except I can't get it to create a PDF in the email.
  9. I created the form that I want to include in a Fikemaker file layout. I want to be able to have someone fill it out by entering a product number and having it insert the product description based on the product number. The other fields will be manually entered. Then continue down if there is a second item, third item etc. Then I want to have a script that will email that particular record in a pdf to the home office. I'm stuck and hope someone can help. My girlfriends daughter just had quintuplets and my brain is running a bit slow, lol. Attached is the form. This website wouldn't let me
  10. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me. I started a new job and wanted to create a simple inventory program whereby we have a part number, description, received quantity and picked quantity and then have it keep a current inventory level for that item. I would probably want to create a new record each time we have a transaction. I would look up by part number and it would fill in the description automatically. I think I can do that. My problem is how to show a current stock level of that one item based on all the transactions, either positive or negative, for that item when I do a fin
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