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  1. hi. thanks for reply. but if we put extension on server m/c then is it not available available on client m/c???
  2. Hi.. i used Base element plugins I m trying to enabling it on client m/c On server side i enable this plugins..nd restart the server. but still its not visible on client m/c please help me Thanks..
  3. Hi.. Thanks for reply Actually i used vbscript ..when call it it create text file(contain path of the selected file),i m trying to import this file.. now its working if in import dialog ..put the field on the top ..then its working..otherwise its say no field is selected for import... now on server active x component cant create object .error occurs..i just trying to create object of filemaker application on another m/c..please help me in this
  4. Hi..When i try to import records in separation model ..its shows error like no field is selected for import how to ..solve this... ?
  5. Hey..Hi...Thanks for reply i used Base element plugins..nd BE_SelectFolder ( prompt {; inFolder } ) this function.. using this function how to show files also in this folder dialog box? ?
  6. Thanks for reply..is this plug-ins ..are free..or just for demo version only..??
  7. Do u know any plugins which are free.. ???
  8. suppose this ...code for show files in dialog box Dim objShell Dim strFileName Dim strFilePath Dim objFile Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application") Set objFile = objShell.BrowseForFolder(0, "Choose a file:", &H4000) strFileName = objFile.Title strFilePath = objFile.self.Path MsgBox "Just the file name: " & strFileName & vbcrlf & "The full path: " & strFilePath Set objFileName = Nothing Set objFilePath = Nothing Set objShell = Nothing now how to store selected item's path in fm databse... please write down the steps.. thank you
  9. yeah ..But how u get the path(value) of the return path....? and i want to show file also in browse th folder dialog box...but user can select only folder ..this thing is possible with script or without VBscript... ?
  10. Hi.. i'm new in fm. I want to show to browse the folder ....how to perform this.. i used inert file..but in this..it allow to choose file only not folder i just want folder.... i don't want to use plug-ins... plz help me in this.. thnks....
  11. Hi Wim, Thanks for this great example.... its works great ...but one things i dnt undrstnd..nd that is...how u stored the selected folder's path in return path field ..?
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